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Event Registration Login Prompt, Dues Recalculation Update, & Novi Backlog Review!
Event Registration Login Prompt, Dues Recalculation Update, & Novi Backlog Review!

Release Notes Sprint 103

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In this sprint, we worked on 32 projects. Here are the highlights!


Login Prompt for Members Attempting To Register For Events & Purchase Products As Guests

If you've ever had a member register for an event or purchase an ecommerce product as a guest, and then call wondering why they weren't eligible for member pricing...we're here to help!

Our newest feature prompts users who are attempting to checkout as a guest, but already have a user account on the website, to login. The feature determines this match based on the email address that is entered as guest information. If it matches an email connected to a current user account login email, the prompt below will appear.

This will ensure that your purchases and registrations are connected to the right member records, and will benefit your members by giving them access to the best possible pricing.


New Option for Recalculating Open Dues Invoices

Has there ever been a time where you needed to update multiple open dues invoices at once? 

Let's say, for example, that your dues renewals ran and things were looking great, but uh oh! You forgot to update a dues rule or your renewal settings before renewals ran. Now, all of your dues invoices are incorrect - oh no! 

No need to worry, we now allow you to recalculate open dues invoices in bulk for each of your member types.


Novi Backlog & 2020 Priority Review

Dec 18: Backlog Review & 2020 Priorities - Join us for the last roundtable of 2019 to see highlights of what the Novi developers worked on this year to make Novi AMS even more amazing, as well as our plans for 2020 and the future. You won't want to miss this!


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