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Alphabetical Member Directory Option, Group Details Page Updates, & More!
Alphabetical Member Directory Option, Group Details Page Updates, & More!

Release Notes Sprint 106

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In this sprint, we worked on 20 projects. Here are the highlights!


Alphabetical Member Directory Option

Member profiles have always been displayed in a random order for fairness, but after receiving several requests for the ability to sort alphabetically, we now have an admin setting so you can decide which is best for your members!

How it works:

If you choose to display your member directory alphabetically, records will be displayed alphabetically within groupings:

  1. Featured members (if applicable)

  2. Dues-paying members

  3. Inheriting members (if applicable)

People are alphabetized by Last Name first, then First Name. Companies are alphabetized by Company Name.

No change is needed if you'd like your directory order to stay randomized.

How to set it up:

  • On the backend, click the gear icon (top right) and select Association Settings

  • Go to the Membership tab

  • In the Display Settings section, select the Default Directory Sort Order:
    > Random (recommended)
    > Alphabetical

  • Click the Save & Close button

Edits To Group Details & Members Pages

We've made some changes to how you can view group information to help streamline and clean up the section. 

Once you click within a group, you'll now notice a Details tab and a Members tab.

The Details tab is where the settings and conditions for an existing group will now live, rather than appearing in a modal when clicking Edit.

The Members tab is the list of members and beneficiaries in the group itself, just like your previous View Members page.

You'll also notice two badges in the stage area showcasing the number of members and beneficiaries in the group, as well as an updated Actions button that holds additional group tasks.


Additional Updates

Make Embedded Videos Responsive Easily

Using videos (from sites like YouTube or Vimeo) is a great way to add multimedia content on your website. That being said, with these video platforms being a third-party, we don't have much control over the embed codes they provide. Most of the time, these embeds are not automatically mobile-responsive. 

Of course, depending on where you're placing the video on your website, this may cause an issue. However, we have tools you can use to fix this, including a quick new item you can copy/paste into your source code!

Check out the options for making videos responsive in our Formatting Embedded Videos article.

Improved Blog Category Details Section Formatting

You may notice a slight difference in blog category detail pages. Previously, the icon for the category appeared in the left side of the editable content description area for the category. We've removed this icon, which should make formatting content in the area a bit easier, as you will no longer need to worry about aligning text against the icon.

Leadership Role Banners now have IDs! This means that you can link directly to a Leadership Role from a static page. 

This is perfect for pages that have several leadership roles, so users can quickly jump down to the one they want to view. Or, perhaps you're linking to a Leadership Role from an email, event etc. This is great for saying things like "Click here to see our speakers" that will then go directly to a leadership role on a page.

Thank you to the Florida Apartment Association for the wonderful idea! This will open up many new possibilities for sharing Leadership Role information.

To link to a Leadership Role Banner, you can insert a link on the static page and enter the URL starting with # and then the ID.

The ID is the Leadership Role name, lowercase with spaces removed. For example:

  • Leadership Role Name = Leaders of Awesomeness

  • Leadership Role Banner ID = leaders-of-awesomeness

In this example, the URL would be #leaders-of-awesomeness. Or, if you're linking to the role somewhere outside of your site, you'd use

Better Contrast in Admin Section

We've slightly tweaked the formatting for Parent Member names in lists on the backend so the text is now darker & easier to read.


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