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New Locked-Down Ticket Verbiage, Updated Groups List Columns, & More!
New Locked-Down Ticket Verbiage, Updated Groups List Columns, & More!

Release Notes Sprint 107

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In this Sprint, we released 30 updates. Read on to learn more!

TL;DR Version

A brief summary of the larger updates in this sprint for those on a time crunch!

  • New verbiage on members-only event tickets encouraging members to login

  • New dues rules minimum & maximum $ amounts settings

  • Member Type, Member Status, Member Since, & Member Expiration added to groups list columns

For those who want to learn more, keep reading below!


The Details: Must-Read Updates

User-Specific Event Ticket Verbiage For Ticket Availability

We've made updates to the verbiage that appears when someone attempts to select an event ticket that's not available to them. This way, members don't accidentally purchase non-member tickets because they don't understand why the member ticket isn't available. As a bonus, this promotes them to login or create an account for the first time if they haven't already!

If a user is not logged in, they'll see the following verbiage for locked-down member tickets:

If a user is logged in, but their membership isn't current, they'll see the following verbiage for locked-down member tickets:

New Dues Rule Min & Max Limits Section

We've added a new Limits section to dues rules. This will allow you to easily set a minimum or maximum amount for that particular dues rule, no matter what the dues rule's conditions are:

New Columns Added To Group Member Lists

We've added 4 new columns to your group members lists: Member Type Name, Member Status, Member Since, and Member Expiration.

*Don't forget! Like many places in Novi, the columns on your group list are driven by the gear icon in the top right corner. To add these to the group members list, click the gear, and select the columns you'd like to use.


The Details: Other Updates You'll Want To Know About

  • Product names in the Details tab of a specific order now link back to the product itself, giving you easy access to the full Purchases list for the product, Details, etc.

  • In custom event reporting, you can now see and pull full guest names. This comes with the change we previously made on event attendee lists that show guest names as "Novi Guest: John Smith" instead of just "Novi Guest".

  • We've updated tables used on pages to be responsive and included classes that will help you streamline settings relating to tables like padding, image columns, and more! Learn more here.

  • We've made a small, but mighty change to the "Custom Fields" message you get on the backend when creating a new member record. Now, it won't block you from entering any info before it leaves the screen, and we've added a link down to the custom fields section. Here's what you'll see now:


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Upcoming Novi AMS Roundtables

Novi Roundtables are weekly opportunities for Novi customers to be able to virtually gather and discuss specific topics relating to associations with each other.

Keep in mind, this is a chance for discussion amongst peers, so we don't want it to feel like a webinar! Please come prepared to share ideas and ask questions. A Novi team member will be in attendance to moderate each discussion as well!

To sign up for February's roundtable, click the link below:

February 5, 2 PM EST - Membership Engagement at Renewal Time and After - How are you engaging members before, during, and after renewal time? This roundtable will discuss questions like: What does the renewal process look like at your organization? How early do you start & how often do you communicate about renewals? How long do you keep lapsed members? 

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