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New Product Sales Report, Conditional Event Tickets, & More!
New Product Sales Report, Conditional Event Tickets, & More!

Release Notes Sprint 108

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In this Sprint, we released 35 updates. Read on to learn more!

TL;DR Version

A brief summary of the larger updates in this sprint for those on a time crunch!

  • New setting allows admins to create event tickets that are conditional upon the purchase of another ticket in the same registration

  • New report for item-level product sales in Novi

  • Update to dues rules allows negative numbers - great for offering a discount!

For those who want to learn more, keep reading below!


The Details: Must-Read Updates

Conditional Event Tickets

An update we're really excited about is here - the ability to create event tickets that are dependent on the purchase of another ticket! 

This is great for setting up scenarios for both large and small events. For example, for a conference, perhaps attendees need to register for the full conference ticket, before they can register for a separate ticket for a session or mixer.

To set this up, navigate to your dependent event ticket(s) and specify which ticket(s) must be selected before that ticket can be purchased in the Availability section. Note that adding more than one means that the attendee can select ANY one of those tickets to unlock the dependent ticket, they don't need to select ALL.

On the frontend, Attendees will simply need to select the appropriate ticket(s) to unlock the dependent ticket(s). If they attempt to select a dependent ticket without first selecting the main ticket, they will see the lock icon with the following message:

Otherwise, once they select the appropriate main ticket, the lock will turn into the quantity selection box.

Important notes:

  • Admins can override this dependency when registering people on the backend.

  • The selection of the main ticket is only recognized during initial registration. The attendee can't buy the first ticket, then come back later and purchase the dependent ticket. They'd need to contact you to update their registration.

  • You can setup a hierarchy of tickets: i.e. You must select Ticket A before you can select Ticket B, but you must select Ticket B before you can select Ticket C.

  • Currently there is no quantity-match limit. Selecting 1 of the main ticket does not restrict them to only selecting 1 of the dependent ticket.

  • Other ticket restrictions still apply. Dependent tickets can still be locked down to members, certain groups, have capacity limits, etc. The message shown to the attendee if any of the criteria are not met will update accordingly.

Product Sales Report

Would you like to pull more customized reports based on your Ecommerce product sales? Maybe you have Trade Show products for different booth sizes and you need to pull one report with all products in the same category. Or you might need to view contact info and custom field values for your Purchasers.  

If you sell Ecommerce products, then you'll definitely want to check out the new Product Sales Report! This will be an invaluable tool for reporting on product orders, since it displays all orders but also has filters and search options so you can drill down to more specific results. We've included lots of display columns as well!

  • The Product Sales Report in Novi includes item-level sales for all products ordered in Novi. For a full item-level report, you'll still want to pull a Sales by Product Detail Report from QuickBooks.

  • Filter by: Products, Product Category, Order Type, Order Status, and/or Date

  • Export to: CSV or PDF

  • Display column options include: Delivery fields (name & contact info), Purchaser fields (contact info, custom field values, member status & expiration), and much more!

Negative Dues Rules for Membership Discounts

We've created a great new way to offer membership discounts! Simply create a new dues rule for your member type(s), but set your Dues Equation to a negative number. This way, that amount will be subtracted from the total dues amount.

Don't forget to setup your dues rule conditions! This way, the discount will only apply to those members who should receive it. If you use New vs. Renewal dues rules, you'll want to consider if this discount applies to both of those scenarios as well.

Sunsetting Social Logins

Our team is hard at work on a brand new login experience for users on your website. This experience will be streamlined and guide your users through the process whether they need to reset their password, create an account, or signup for membership. 

As part of this new experience, users who have accounts using Google & Facebook logins (around 1% of our total users) will need to go through the reset password process and begin logging directly into Novi. Users have been unable to set up new accounts via Google & Facebook logins since September, and this will be the final step in removing this lightly used feature.


The Details: Other Updates You'll Want To Know About

View Member Status on the Staff tab

We've added a new column on the Staff tab of member records so admins can now see the membership status for people under a parent company. This is great news for associations and societies with individual member types!

New Display Columns on Purchases Lists

We also added new display columns to the Purchases list on each product! To see these options (which follow the same logic as the columns in the Product Sales Report), go to a product on the backend and click the gear icon on the Purchases tab.


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Upcoming Novi AMS Roundtables

Novi Roundtables are opportunities for Novi customers to be able to virtually gather and discuss specific topics relating to associations with each other.

Keep in mind, this is a chance for discussion amongst peers, so we don't want it to feel like a webinar! Please come prepared to share ideas and ask questions. A Novi team member will be in attendance to moderate each discussion as well!

To sign up for our next roundtable, click the link below:

  • How are you using Ecommerce products and the new custom field functionality at your organization? Join us for a roundtable discussion on the ways Novi customers are utilizing our Ecommerce updates. 

  • Please note the different timing of this roundtable! 1:30-2:15 PM EST.

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