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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
Improved Login Page, Parent Custom Fields in Reports, & more!
Improved Login Page, Parent Custom Fields in Reports, & more!

In Sprint 109, we released 36 updates. Read on to learn more!

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The Abridged Version

  • Logging in is now way easier for members from the start,

  • It's less confusing to remove ecommerce products from the cart,

  • Include parent custom field info in reports so you can pick your data apart!

Also, don't forget to signup for our next roundtable on Tips & Tricks with Custom Reports & Groups happening on April 1 at 2:00 PM EST!


The Must-Reads

The Login Process Is Easier Than Ever for Your Members

We've streamlined the login process for your members. This should cut down on confusion surrounding logins, and of course, reduce calls and emails to you - score!

Here's how it works:

When users go to login, they'll first be asked to simply enter their email address.

Next, the system will recognize if they fall into 1 of 3 categories (see below):

A: They already have an account and just need to login
B: The email address entered is not associated with any accounts
C: They had a login account created for them by an admin or during data import, but have not yet set a password

As an added bonus, we've also added the ability for users to view their password as they're typing it. This appears during login and during a password reset. Notice the eyeball icon in example A above.

Custom Membership Reports Now Include Parent Custom Field Values

If any of your members are linked to a Parent Member, then this update is for you! Custom Reports has a new section for conditions and display columns for parent custom fields. 

To add a field like this to your report conditions and/or display columns, click in the field and start typing "parent custom field" - this will filter the drop-down options so you can easily find the field you need.


  • Display Column: Pull a list of people or sub-companies and include a custom field value from the parent's record in the report (e.g. Unit Count or NAA ID).

  • Report Condition: Pull a list of people or sub-companies based on a condition for the parent's custom field value (e.g. Annual Income or Region).


Other Updates You'll Want To Know About

See When A User Last Logged In

Admins can now see the date and time that a user has last logged in! This will help you see if a particular user is using the website on a regular basis, and can help provide clarity if a user has any issues logging in. 

Previously, you could only see this in a custom report. Now, simply navigate to a user's Settings tab, and you'll be able to see the date right under their user account email.

Please keep in mind that the login date is connected to the user's account, not their record. So if someone had their login email changed, that date would only show the last login date with the new login account.

Simplified Removal Of Ecommerce Products in the Cart

We've made it easier for your website users to remove products from their shopping cart. They've always had the ability to remove products by clicking the trashcan icon on the side, but now, they can set the quantity to 0 and the product will automatically be removed.

Receive Payment from One Source for Multiple Unrelated Invoices

If your association receives a single check or credit card payment (or even cash!) covering invoices that are tied to multiple unrelated customers (meaning they are not in the same family), you can use the "Receive Payment" option under Batch Actions on the Transactions tab.

Example 1:

  • You issue invoices to the following: Violet's Boutique, Wilson Consultants, and Sally Smith (The Bagel Shop's CEO).

  • At an event, you collect cash payments for all three invoices.

  • In this case, you can go to the Transactions tab in Novi AMS and post the entire amount at once. 

Example 2:

  • You have a program where an outside company (ABC Inc.) collects fees for services they offer to your members, as well as collecting membership dues on behalf of your association.

  • Each month, ABC Inc. sends a check to your association for the total amount of dues collected.

  • Since this check will cover invoices for customers that are not connected to each other, you'll need to use the Batch Action on the Transactions tab in Novi AMS.

Items of Note:

Update to Required Fields on the Contact Us page

We've updated the Contact Us page so there's less friction for members to reach out to staff. Only the following fields are now required:

  • First Name

  • Phone -or- Email

Update to Custom Field Visibility in the New Member Modal

If a new record is being created for an individual who will be inheriting benefits from a dues-paying member, any custom fields related to the parent's member type will be displayed in the modal. This saves admins the extra step of going to the record after its created to add the custom field info.

Anonymize A Record

To help accommodate GDPR requests, we've added the ability for you to anonymize an individual's record. You'll notice an "Anonymize Record" button in the Settings tab on a "person" record.

This button will remove all identifying information from a record - it will rename the customer to "Anonymous Person," deactivate them, and remove their headshot, job title, and contact information. This can only be done if the person has no outstanding balance. 

Very Important Note! This action cannot be reversed and should only be used when absolutely necessary.


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Upcoming Novi AMS Roundtables

Novi Roundtables are opportunities for Novi customers to be able to virtually gather and discuss specific topics relating to associations with each other.

Keep in mind, this is a chance for discussion amongst peers, so we don't want it to feel like a webinar! Please come prepared to share ideas and ask questions. A Novi team member will be in attendance to moderate each discussion as well!

To sign up for the next roundtable, click the link below:

  • What are some custom reports your organization uses regularly? 

  • What are some custom group examples set up at your organization?

  • How does your organization utilize the group features?

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