Saved Credit Cards, Secure Trackable Files, and More!

In sprint 117, we released 12 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • Saved Credit Cards are here! Anyone with a user account can now save credit cards via the member compass, meaning faster checkouts & more transparent subscription renewals.

  • Secure Files: Lock down files to certain users, and pull a list of who has downloaded the file.


Saved Payment Methods (Credit Cards) via the Member Compass

Watch this short video to see an overview of our latest exciting update on saved credit cards.


  • "Payment Methods" is now a section in the Member Compass that allows users to save & manage their credit cards

  • During checkout for events, products, membership, etc. users can select from their saved cards or add a new saved card

  • Subscription renewals are now based on the default card on the user's account



Secure Files - Restrict Access & Track Downloads

Lock down visibility of files to specific users and keep track of which users are viewing each file.

Does your association have files that:

  • should only be accessible to logged-in users?

  • should only accessible to a specific Group(s)?

  • need to be restricted/private and each download needs to be tracked (who and when)?

  • is accessible to the general public AND you want to track downloads?**

If so, you should definitely check out the new Secure Files section in Novi!

Please Note:

  • This new feature does not replace Novi Files, which will continue to be the file manager for your public files.

  • **If users choose not to login, they will show as anonymous but will count towards the number of times that file was downloaded.


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