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  • Auto-Pay is now available for membership renewals! Members can setup their renewals to automatically be charged to their credit card.

  • "Smart" Renewal Notice Emails now give you more control over the messaging that gets sent out with your renewal invoices.

  • The Member Compass now features a new Pay Balance tab, allowing your users to quickly pay their full open balance, only what's overdue, or specific invoices - all from one section.

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Membership Renewal Auto-Pay & New Renewal Notice Emails

Auto-Pay is now available for membership renewals! Members can set up their renewals to automatically be charged to their stored credit card.

Brief Overview Notes:

  • Members can now utilize auto-pay credit cards for their membership renewals.

  • Once auto-renewals run, auto-pay members are notified that their card will be charged a few days after.

  • Admins have the option to send out "smart" renewal notice emails that let the member know more details surrounding their renewal.

  • If auto-renewals were already turned on for your association, no action is needed on your part to get this running, but please see the Overview article linked below for all the info you need to know!

  • Important note: renewal notices must be sent out prior to auto-pay running, and you can now choose for these to go out automatically, or continue to send them manually as the process has been.


>> Overview: Auto-Pay For Membership Renewals

>> Custom Emails for Membership Renewals

>> Membership Auto-Renewals

** Don't miss our Developer Demo coming up on July 7 at 1:00pm EDT to learn more about how your association can utilize these new features! **


New Member Compass "Pay Balance" Tab

The new Pay Balance tab in their Member Compass allows members to not only easily pay for one or more invoices at a time, but also save credit or debit cards on file for future use.


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