Constant Contact Upgrade, Promo Code Update, and more!

In sprint 120, we released 40 updates! Here's what you need to know.

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Constant Contact Connection Upgrade

We've upgraded the way that your site connects to Constant Contact! In Association Settings, you'll now see a button allowing you to smoothly connect to Constant Contact rather than entering an access code.

This upgrade makes the connection more secure as well as helping with faster sync times for Novi groups synced to Constant Contact.

*Please note, this upgrade requires a few quick steps from someone on your team. Please see the article below, our previous messages sent to Constant Contact users via Intercom, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Auto-Apply Promo Codes

If a user enters a valid promo code during checkout, we want to ensure they receive the discount.

With our latest update, the system will automatically apply the code as soon as they click outside of the Promo Code field - even if they forget to click the arrow button on the right! This applies to the checkout cart on the frontend, as well as on the backend for admins.


Event Admin Management Updates

Warnings that an Event is assigned to an inactive Event Category

Have you ever been working on an event and it wasn't showing on the frontend even though the event was set to Active? Since the #1 reason for this is an inactive event category, we've added more visibility of the category status on each event.

Backend - Event Details Tab
1. Alert message displayed at the top of the Details tab.
2. Category drop-down shows (Inactive) in the category name.

Frontend - Event Details Page
3. Warning message at the top of the event page (which is only visible to admins).

Message when an Event Ticket cannot be deleted

We also added a helpful message if you try to delete a ticket that has registrations associated with it (including canceled registrations).


Changes To "Offline" Ecommerce Products

You'll notice a few changes to Ecommerce products that are marked as "offline." This category of products is typically for things that you want to advertise in your store, but don't allow online purchasing for.

Notably, these products will not require a QuickBooks Account to connect to, since they aren't being purchased online.

Additionally, new offline products created in Novi will not automatically sync to your Products & Services list in QuickBooks Online. This excludes products that already existed inside of QuickBooks and were imported into Novi - those will continue to update.

This will ensure that those products are truly treated as "offline."


Last Updated Date Now Included in API

We've made an update to how we track last updated dates on customer records that adds the "Last Updated Date" to the API, allowing API developers to now query for members by last updated date.


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