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Mobile View Navigation Update, News Article "Overview" Added, & More!
Mobile View Navigation Update, News Article "Overview" Added, & More!

In sprint 121, we released 32 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Mobile Navigation Update

Your mobile website visitors now have contextual information for the Join, Login, and Contact navigation items. Previously just icons, these have been moved to the bottom of the main navigation and a descriptive title has been added for each. Your members will now know exactly where to click!

Fun Fact! Did you know that the three horizontal lines on your mobile navigation is called the "Hamburger Menu?" The more you know!

Before: Icons were represented in the main nav with no description

After: Icons now include text description and have their own separate area, making it easy for your members to find.


Clarification and Additional Details for Website Navigation

Most admins are not editing their website's navigation on a regular basis, so it's easy to forget how. We've updated the description on this page so you'll have a friendly reminder each time you go to Static Content > Website Navigation on the backend.

If that doesn't quite jog your memory or you need more detail, no worries! We've got you covered - Learn how to add or remove items from your website's main menu navigation.


Blog/News Improvements

We made a few changes to the main blog list that will improve the user experience and give admins more control!

Overview "Teaser Text" Text on Articles

Each blog article now has a field where the admin can enter specific "overview" text that will show your main blog list view.


You can now create "teaser text" to entice your readers to click on the article.

If your article started or only included embedded videos or pictures, you now have the ability to put descriptive text, again to encourage visitors to view.

What if I don't want to add an overview?

The field is not required - so you can continue to let the system pull the first 150 characters from the article.



Quick Search & Filter Update

The Quick Search field and Filter drop-down have been moved to be displayed directly above the articles, making it more intuitive for your members to search that blog/news category.

This change is especially helpful for those with a larger amount of content in the description section of the blog category, ensuring that the search box doesn't get lost at the top of the page.

Update to Blog Paging

In order to provide a more consistent experience on the frontend of your website, we've changed the text on the blog page to PREV and NEXT to match the events list and member directory.


Update to Dates Allowed On Records

Associations that have been around for a while will be happy to know that date fields (such as Member Since, custom fields, etc.) can now go back to 1/1/1800, allowing for more accurate data collection. Previously, the limitation was 1/1/1900.


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