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Managing Multiple Companies in the Member Compass, Novi Notes, and more!
Managing Multiple Companies in the Member Compass, Novi Notes, and more!

In Sprint 122, we released 24 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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NEW! Member Compass Update: User Management of Multiple Related Companies

Thanks to your feedback, the latest Novi update is one that we're very excited to unveil, as it will make company management in the Member Compass a one-stop-shop for your members!

You might be familiar with the concept that someone previously needed separate logins to be able to edit the company profile and staff list of each company they had access to, but no more! If you have people who need access to edit the profiles & staff list of multiple related companies, but prefer to only have one login, this update is for you.

Check out the short video and information below to find out more.

The Recap:

With a single login, users with access to a company (Primary/Billing Contact or Management Access) will now be able to:

  • Edit the profile of all companies they have access to. This automatically includes sub-company profiles, if given access to the parent company's profile.

  • Manage related staff contacts on the Staff tab (optional with a setting), including: add/remove staff members, edit staff member profiles, and edit staff member management access.

  • Note: The following people can give management access to a staff member within the company they have access to - an admin from your team, the Primary or Billing Contact of the company, or a staff member who has management access.

What if I have users who already have multiple logins?

No worries! Having multiple logins will still work, they'll just access their companies separately as they have been. So while you don't need to take any action for these folks, if you'd like to get them set up with one record/login, here's some info to get you started:

  1. The first step is to merge both (or all, two at a time) of their records. In the merge modal, make a note of the Novi User Account email address that's selected so you can let the member know which login email they can use moving forward.

  2. The next step is to go to each company's record and give him the appropriate access - either Primary Contact, Billing Contact, or Management Access. Learn more about adding one person to multiple related companies here.

  3. Once the setup is done, send an email to the user letting him know that he now has one login for all companies and will see a "Companies" tab in the Member Compass where he can access each company's profile.

* Keep in mind, the records must be related to each other. Users who manage multiple separate entities will still need separate logins.

Learn More:


Novi Notes

Need somewhere to jot down notes about your Novi processes for your team? Look no further than Novi Notes!

The new Novi Notes section in the admin (click Help in the upper right corner of the admin side) is designed to help you document processes that are specific to your organization, such as special billing procedures, nuanced event setup, or other helpful tips for your teammates when working in the Novi system. Read this article to find out more.


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