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Company Member Directory Map View, New Location-Based Filters, and more!
Company Member Directory Map View, New Location-Based Filters, and more!

In sprint 123, we released 27 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • Company member directory map view - new visually appealing option for displaying your members in the directory!

  • New location-based filters available for your company member directory

  • Hide address in directory - new setting on member records to hide address only

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New! Member Directory Updates: Company Map View, Location Filters, and Additional Content Sections

The Member Directory now has more exciting options than ever! Now, showcase your members in both the typical list view AND, for company members, a geographical location map view (powered by Google Maps).

This is the perfect way for admins, directory visitors, and members to grasp just how big of an impact your association has in your community - whether that's mainly in your city/county, or internationally!

You'll also notice an update to the look and feel overall, including two new content regions at the top and bottom of the directory, and rearranging of the directory filters.

Additionally, you now have the option to allow new location-based filters for City, State/Province, Zip Code, County, and Country - making it easier than ever for directory visitors to pinpoint the company member they're looking for.

(Note: These features apply only specifically to company members, as we never show addresses for individuals in the directory for privacy purposes!)

Important Notes for Map and Filter Setup:

  • The map view is only visible if you elect to turn it on for your website - it will not be on by default. To do so, navigate to Association Settings > Membership > Directory Map View section to turn on the "Show map view in member directory" setting. Likewise, this is also where you can turn on and control the location filters that are relevant to your association and will appear in the directory filters section.

  • Once you turn on the map view settings for the first time, Google Maps is working hard in the background to populate your members into this view. This initial process can take several hours to complete, so please keep that in mind.

  • Note that you do not need to turn on the map view in order to use the location filters. One can exist without the other! πŸ˜€


New! Hide Only a Member's Address in the Directory

If you have any members who use their home address for their business or simply do not need to display their address in the directory, admins now have a third option in the Website Visibility section of each member record - Hide Address on Website.

This setting will still show their other contact info, such as phone and email, while omitting the address.

(Remember, we never show addresses for individuals in the directory, only companies!)


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