Membership Promo Codes, Billing Contact Update, and More!

In sprint 124, we released 18 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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NEW! Membership Promo Codes

In times of Covid-19 uncertainty, we know that you're doing all you can to continuously provide value to your members and be a resource for your industry. Providing such consistent value will surely help promote new memberships, and perhaps even reclaim some past dropped memberships.

With that in mind, we are thrilled to introduce a new way for you to incentivize these new members... membership promo codes!

These promo codes are set up just as you would an ecommerce or event promo code, with a few different validity options:

  • All Member Types - promo code applies to any member type

  • Specific Member Types - promo code applies only to member types you select

  • Specific Dues Rules - promo code applies only to specific dues rules within specific member types (for example, maybe you want to take a discount off of the annual dues, but not a new member application fee)

Admin Setup:

These promo codes can be applied by users or admins, and will apply to new memberships or manual renewals - please see note on auto-renewals below.

Member View:

Important Items of Note:

  • Membership promo codes do not apply to auto-renewals, only new memberships or manual renewals (when auto-renewal is turned off, or when an expired member wants to re-join). Remember that when auto-renewals run, the renewal transactions are automatically created by the system with an amount based on the member type's dues rules.

  • A product promo code can also be used during membership checkout if an applicable product add-on is an option.

  • Only one promo code can be used at a time. (For example, a membership promo code and a separate product promo code could not be used simultaneously)

  • Recalculating an open invoice that has a membership promo code applied to it will remove the promo code line item, as you are telling the system to recalculate based on the current dues rules.

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Additions & Updates to the Transactions Page

If your organization utilizes mail merges, this update's for you! The CSV export now includes Billing and Shipping address fields broken out into separate cells, as well as separate name fields for both the Primary and Billing contacts.

In addition, the gear icon in the Transactions page now includes the option to show the Primary and Billing Contact name columns.


Send Billing Contact Name to QuickBooks Online for Company Records

Previously, the Novi billing contact and the title, first, middle, and last name fields on a company record in QuickBooks were always separate pieces of data - simply because QuickBooks doesn't have the same concept of a "Billing Contact" as Novi does.

That said, if you would like to send your Novi billing contact's name to these fields in QuickBooks, we can now turn on a setting for you that will allow that information to sync over to these fields.

This way, when QuickBooks Online generates a transaction, such as an invoice or sales receipt, the appropriate names are listed on the transactions.

A few important notes:

  • This only applies to company records, not individuals.

  • This only applies if you ask us to turn this setting on (please reach out through Intercom). Once we turn it on, when a company record is updated or saved moving forward this new update will apply - OR - we can turn it on and run a sync with QuickBooks, applying this to all of your company records at once.

  • This will not touch the company name or display name.

  • If you currently have a name in QuickBooks Online and the Novi billing contact name is different, it would be replaced.

  • If the company does not have a billing contact in Novi, these name fields will be left blank in QuickBooks Online.

  • If you update a company's billing contact in Novi, it will update in QuickBooks Online.

  • If you were to change the billing contact name in QuickBooks Online, you will need to also update the billing contact name in Novi. It's more efficient in this case to change the name in Novi so that you are not duplicating your work.


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