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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
Add Instructions to Custom Fields, Member Directory updates, and more!
Add Instructions to Custom Fields, Member Directory updates, and more!

In sprint 125, we released 28 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • You can now add instructions for your custom fields - this gives your members a little more direction when filling them out!

  • Since custom fields can now include instructions, we've made some updates to what fields display in Member Directory profiles (specifically, Custom Fields and a person's Parent Label).

  • Last but not least, quickly and easily see the Member Since field in the main dashboard!

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NEW! Instructions Field for Custom Fields

Custom fields now have an optional section for instructions! We know how important it is to keep data "clean" and wanted to help make doing so as simple as possible by adding a section that won't interfere with your field names.

In the example below, this addition prevents you from needing to set your Display Name to something like "Geographic Area Served (select all that apply)." Instead, you can add those specific details to the instructions field!

In areas where a user is prompted to fill this field out, they'd see the Display Name, with the instructions neatly shown in smaller text below it.


Directory Field Label Updates

Custom Field Display Name on Directory Listings

On a similar note, we've made an update to custom fields that have been set up to have members' values appear on their directory profiles.

Previously, the Field Name was the label within this section. Now, the Display Name (outlined in the image below) will serve as the label for the section, ensuring that your internal field names do not appear to site users.

Keep this in mind when creating custom fields and considering their Display Names. You'll want to keep instructional verbiage such as "Select all that apply..., select N/A if..., etc." in the new "Instructions" field, and keep the Display Name more simplified.

Parent Label On Profiles for Individuals in the Directory

Also within the member directory, we've made an update to the label on individuals' profiles. Previously, the section that highlighted which company an individual was with was always called "Company Info" - regardless if your parent company label for the website was set to something else, such as school, organization, institution, etc.

Now, this label will always match your parent label for individuals! If you'd like to update your organization's parent label, please contact us.


"Full Name" Field Displays In Event Attendee List By Default

We've made a slight change to the Attendee list view in Events. Now, the Attendees tab will display the Attendee - Full Name field by default, instead of separate columns for First Name and Last Name. This way, you're automatically shown someone's full name (someone with two first or last names, like "Mary Katherine Smith" for example) rather than just a piece of it.

They're still around if you need them, though - just select the gear icon on the right.


NEW! Member Since Gear Option In Member Dashboard

We've added "Member Since" as an option in the list under the gear icon in the main member dashboard/staging area, so you can quickly display that information when needed. Thank you to the New York Housing Association for the suggestion!


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TRUE! Novi automatically marks attendees as "attended" when they enter the meeting via Novi's private webinar link functionality.

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