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Give members more control over their staff lists, new Directory privacy setting, and more!
Give members more control over their staff lists, new Directory privacy setting, and more!

In sprint 126, we released 36 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • Members with management access to multiple companies can now add new staff to any of the companies they have access to. Plus, we've added a new setting to allow those members to move staff from one parent to another.

  • New option in the Member Directory visibility settings: the ability to remove staff profiles from displaying in companies' directory detail pages.

  • We made some slight tweaks on the Login Page and the Blog Categories listing to improve the user experience for your members.

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  • Novi's Backlog Review & 2021 Priorities | December 2 at 2:00pm EST
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NEW! More Member Control Over Their Staff Lists

Members with Primary Contact, Billing Contact, or Management Access to multiple companies, can now add new staff to any of those companies, not just their own parent company!

Previously, they were only able to add staff to their direct parent companies (if they had access to it).

We know how important it is for your members to feel empowered to keep their information up to date, and this update helps provide a bit more of that freedom!

Related, we've also included a setting in Association Settings > Membership that allows you to decide if those users can move existing staff members to a company they have access to.

Please note: If you offer any member benefits that an individual can gain from their company opting into something, such as a Class Pass type of product, you may want to discuss this setting internally before turning it on - to prevent users from sharing these benefits between just one company.


Remove Staff Lists From Company Directory Profiles

For privacy reasons, some associations may not want to display their company member's staff list on the detail page of their directory listings. For example:

For that reason, we've added the option to "Show Staff List in Directory" in the Member Directory Visibility settings.

By default, this setting will be checked, but you can easily swap this off in each Member Type's settings.


Design Updates

Login Page

On your website's login page you will see a couple of tweaks we made to improve the user experience for your members.

  • We changed the text for the "Remember Me" checkbox to be more descriptive. Now the member can see that checking this box will keep them logged in for 14 days - (and not assume they'll be logged in forever)! :-)

  • To help avoid confusion when users are quickly clicking through the login process, we swapped the order of the Login and Reset Password buttons so Login is now on the right.


Blog Categories List - Article Page Category and Sub-Category

We've made a slight design change to the Blog Categories list, to make the distinction between Categories and Sub-Categories clearer to the user. This list can be seen on the frontend when viewing a single blog article.


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