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Allow non-admins to edit pages, new Group condition based on API Feeds, and more!
Allow non-admins to edit pages, new Group condition based on API Feeds, and more!

In sprint 127, we released 14 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Content Editing Privileges Now Available for Non-Admins

If you have individuals who need the ability to edit certain content on the frontend of your website - maybe board, committee, or chapter members, then this update is for you!

By using this new setting, you can allow editing privileges for specific static pages to non-admins users. These users will only be able to access the specified page on the frontend - they will not have access to the backend of your site.

Editing privileges can be assigned by opening a static page's settings and adding the non-admin user in the Additional Users Allowed To Edit field. *Note: Static page editor list is limited to members with user accounts only.

Items of Note:

  • Non-admins with editing privileges will not be permitted to: add new pages, edit the page's properties including SEO info, or edit sections not specific to the main content of the page, such as the footer.

  • This setting would not apply to event pages, member directory pages, blog articles, or other non-static pages.

  • The person must already have a record in the database before you can give them editing privileges in the page settings.

  • Admin users do not need to be added to this section because they already have permission to edit content.


Membership Engagement Report Includes Primary Contact Info

We've added three field options to the Membership Engagement report: Primary Contact Name, Primary Contact Email, and Primary Contact Phone (find them from the list in the gear icon). Now, when you're reviewing membership engagement levels, you can see exactly who to contact without having to exit out of the report!

Learn more about the Membership Engagement Report.


Data Handshake Feed Source Condition for Groups

For those associations using Novi's Data Handshake functionality to receive member data from another Novi website, we have an exciting new update - the ability to use feeds as a group condition!

This update allows you to create groups of records coming from one feed and/or another, to use for all of the normal group purposes - emailing, locking down content, locking down pricing, etc. - giving you the freedom to send different email communication to members coming from one site vs. another, and so much more!

Use it alongside your normal group conditions like member type, zip code, etc. and the possibilities for creating groups are endless!

Note: This condition alone does not check the member's status coming from the feed, only that they are in the feed.


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