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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
Enhanced Directory Filters, New Section to Manage Admin Users, Email Deliverability Tips, and More!
Enhanced Directory Filters, New Section to Manage Admin Users, Email Deliverability Tips, and More!

In sprints 128 & 129, we released 40 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • New "Admin Users" section on the backend - a centralized place to view and manage all of your organization's admin and limited admin users, so you can be sure only the correct people have access to your database

  • Updates to the Member Directory - expanded keyword search so users can find your members more easily, plus enhancements to the location filters

  • System Improvements - we made some tweaks behind the scenes to bring you better/faster system performance when pulling data and viewing lists

  • Email Deliverability - check out our list of best tips to help ensure your organization's emails are delivered when using MailChimp and/or Constant Contact

Upcoming Roundtables/Demos

  • Novi's Backlog Review & 2021 Priorities | TODAY! December 2 at 2:00pm EST
    See highlights of what the Novi developers worked on in 2020 to make Novi AMS even more amazing, as well as what they plan to work on in 2021.

  • Since you probably weren't able to attend every roundtable this year, get caught up here! These conversations among Novi users are a great place to get inspired and learn some Novi tips, tricks, and best practices from your peers.


New Section for Managing Users with Admin & Limited Admin Access

This new page on the backend allows association admins to view a complete list of all people who have admin access or page editing privileges on their website. This is a great way to ensure only the correct people have access to the database.

From here, admins can change an existing user's role, remove privileges, and add new admins. The list can also be downloaded to .pdf or .csv files.

The Admin Users page can be found by clicking the gear icon (top right on the backend) and then the Admin Users link. Note: Limited Admins will not have access to this section.


Member Directory Updates

Upgraded Keyword Searches for Custom Fields & Member Profiles

We've enhanced searching capabilities in the Member Directory, so directory users can easily find and use member services. The enhancements include searching for keywords in the following places:

  • the member profile text field (both company and individual)

  • custom fields set to display in the member directory

  • and company aliases too!

What does this mean for you? Encourage your members to update their profiles and descriptions to increase their visibility, and drive better results for your directory users.

Location Filter Enhancements

The location filters for State, County, and Country on the directory have been redesigned! Previously, these were dropdown menus, which could become long and cumbersome to scroll through, and show rogue member data such as misspelled counties or states. These filters are now searchable "starts with" text boxes, which provide a cleaner, more professional look.

One quick note about the State field - it's now "smart" enough to know if a person types either a state abbreviation or the state name, the directory will find matches for both. For example, if the user types “TN”, results will include addresses with the state listed as TN and Tennessee.


Other Updates:

Novi Platform Performance Optimizations

A few exciting updates we've made "under the hood" will bring you better/faster system performance in pulling data, site speed, viewing lists such as the member directory, and more.

MailChimp and Constant Contact Email Deliverability

Sending marketing emails through to your members through email marketing platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact is an important part of adding value for members. Nothing puts a damper on that communication quite like an email that didn't make it to the member.

You may not know this, but there are steps you can take on your end within these platforms to make sure that as many members receive your email in their inbox as possible.

We've compiled a quick list with a few of our best tips to help ensure that your marketing email deliverability is top notch.

*Note that these are tips specific to MailChimp and Constant Contact. These platforms also provide various tips of their own we recommend that you check out as well.


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