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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
Feature Products & Static Pages on your Homepage, New Report for "Set of Options" Custom Fields, and More!
Feature Products & Static Pages on your Homepage, New Report for "Set of Options" Custom Fields, and More!

In sprint 131, we released 29 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • New Report for Custom Field Data: A new way to pull information on your "set of options" custom fields, like Areas of Expertise for a printed member directory.

  • Areas of Expertise Has A New Address: Allowing you more functionality with your data, Areas of Expertise has moved to become a custom field.

  • Event Updates: New options for showing event attendee lists, linking to unique event pages, and a quick-glance view for multi-seat tickets.

  • Additional Homepage Slider Content Options: New options to link to static pages & products! Plus a new auto-advance setting.

  • Login Screen Update: We made a small but mighty update to the Login page to make it more user-friendly.

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New Report for "Set of Options" Custom Field Data

A New Way to Pull Member Information for Custom Fields

If you collect data in any custom fields that are a "set of options" field type, such as Areas of Expertise or Business Category, then this new report will make it quick and easy to pull a list of members with data in that field.

The Set Of Options report is different from a custom report because members with multiple values are listed multiple times (see Access Control, Inc. in the example below), which is perfect for tasks like pulling information to be used in a printed member directory.

To access this report, which can be used for any "set of options" custom field:

  • Go to the Reporting section on the backend and click Set Of Options.

  • Select the custom field from the Choose Custom Field for Report dropdown.

  • Dial-in your results using the Filters.

  • Additional display columns can be added by clicking on the gear icon, and the results can be exported to PDF or CSV files.

Important Note - If you use the built-in Areas of Expertise field, please read this!

In our latest release, your Areas of Expertise data (which was located under the "Members" section on the backend) was moved to a custom field. This move allows your team to gain more functionality with your Areas of Expertise data such as locking them down to certain member types, using them to create groups for emails, events, ecommerce, and more! All of the capabilities you have with your current custom fields will now be available for your Areas of Expertise. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything!

  • There will be no change to your data, member records, or settings. All your information will remain for you to find at its new address on the backend in Fields > Custom Fields.

  • The other difference is that you will now use the Set Of Options Report described above, instead of the built-in Areas Of Expertise Report you may have used in the past.

Event Updates: Attendee List Visibility, Display Settings and More

Show Attendee Lists to Public or Members-Only

Have you considered showing the list of attendees on your event details page, but wanted to make it a members-only benefit? With this latest update we've added that flexibility for you. Now you can choose to make your attendee list visible to the public, only to logged-in members with benefits, or not at all.

1. You can enable your preferred option in your Association Settings > Events tab.

2. Once enabled, you and your team can select within each event from the Settings tab to show attendees according to your settings.

Do you use links or Novi 301 redirects to send users who click on your events to a unique page other than your Novi event details, such as for a trade show or conference? Do you share events from partner associations on your calendar? Then this feature is for you! You can now include events in your calendar that do not link to the standard Novi event pages, with new options in your Event > Settings tab.

  • With the Details Override Link you can point visitors to a static page, micro-site or external site for more details on the event.

  • If you choose to direct visitors to an outside page for details, you can still utilize Novi registration for tickets and purchases. Simply click Copy Link beside the Novi Registration Link box, insert as the link on your call to register and it will point attendees to Novi to register.

  • Use the Registration Override Link if you want to use Novi's standard event page for details, but point users to an outside resource for registration. For example, a Zoom webinar registration or a third-party event management platform.

Easy-To-View Multi-seat Ticket Information

If your Event has any ticket type that includes more than 1 seat, you'll notice a new display column called # Seats Per Ticket (on the Tickets tab) showing this information at a quick glance.

Enhancements to the Top Featured & Homepage Sliders on your Homepage

Yes, you read that right! In addition to Blog Posts & Events, you can now link to Static Pages & Products! The process for adding these is the same as adding an already existing Blog Post or Event.

Here is an example of what a Product will look like when featured:

We thought you might ask!

Static Pages

  • There is now a Featured Image/Photo section in the Static Page modal. This image will only show up if the Static Page is added to the Top Featured or Homepage Sections.


  • Product images will pull from the background images on the Product Category!

If you don't have or choose not to upload a specific image for your static page or product, it will display the default image as set in your Association Settings.

Don't have any featured articles or events for the top featured section of your homepage? You can now set a unique default image in your Association Settings > Static Content tab that will display in this space when there is nothing else to show!

Another Way to Auto-Advance on your Homepage!

Did someone say auto-advance? The homepage slider now has the same auto-advance option as the top featured slider! To turn on this feature, contact the Novi team.

Other Updates

A New Look for the Login Page!

Eliminating confusion is our favorite thing to do for you (& your members)! The login screen now offers a more user-friendly design that displays the Reset Password option as a link down below the Login button.

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