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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
New Add & Dropped Member Reports, Updates to the Recent Member Signups List, Temporary Redirects, & more!
New Add & Dropped Member Reports, Updates to the Recent Member Signups List, Temporary Redirects, & more!

In sprint 132, we released 23 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • Add & Dropped Member Reports are here! In our last release, we delivered the membership change report. Now you can drill down on those details with our two new reports -- The Add Report & Drop Report.

  • More Robust and Informative Recent Member Signups list: Additional fields have been added such as Parent Company name and custom fields. You can now also sort columns for quick organization.

  • View company-wide event registrations at-a-glance! You can now see which staff members have registered for events on a company's record (on the backend).

  • New options for redirects: In addition to permanent redirects, you can now create temporary redirects. You can also redirect more types of extensions, such as PDF and HTML links.

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New Reports to Track Membership Adds & Drops

Attention all Membership Coordinators, Executive Directors, and anyone who just loves data - we've added even more built-in reports for you! We also thought about the Board of Directors and other stakeholders, so there's a "pretty" version you can download to PDF.

Add Report - Track your membership growth and see which members have joined and reinstated their membership.

Drop Report - Track which members have dropped or expired.

Similar to the Membership Change Summary Report that was recently added, the new Add & Drop Reports have a chart view for a visual summary of the reporting period and a list/table view so you can dig into the details.

  • Bonus! When viewing the Membership Change Summary Report, you can click right on the numbers in the Adds and Drops columns to open a pre-filtered version of the corresponding report.

Highlights of the Add & Drop Reports include:

  • Filter by time period and member type(s).

  • In addition to membership dates and contact info, member custom fields can be added to the list view.

  • If you need to see information about a member that is not included in the list, clicking on their name opens their record on the backend.

  • If any members have parent/child relationships, the parent's name will be displayed below the person's name (and will also link to their record).

  • For company member types, Primary Contact info can be added to the list view.

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More Robust and Informative Recent Member Signups List

The Recent Member Signups list has some new information! In addition to the Signup Date and Name of the individual or company, you can now view at a glance any associated Parent Company and choose member custom fields to display in this list.

These new options will enable an enhanced review process for your staff! For example, you may have member type requirements or certain follow-up tasks triggered by key information on your member applications. You can now view those custom fields right on the Recent Member Signups page to determine the next actions.

To choose the information to display:

  • Click the gear icon and select or deselect fields as needed.

  • All fields that are available in your Member List View (Admin) are available to view from your Recent Member Signups list (this can be updated on the custom field settings).

In addition, you can now sort this list. For example, you may need to view the most recent signups first, or perhaps all signups with a particular custom field value. Move your cursor over a column header and when the small triangle appears, click to sort ascending or descending based on that column data.

These new field displays, coupled with the ability to print or export the Recent Member Signups list, make it easier than ever to share, such as with your Board of Directors for new member approvals.

View Event Registrations on Company Records

Did someone say built-in events report? Yes, we sure did!

Have you been pulling a custom report to show event attendees for a specific company? We have some awesome news for you! Now, you can find this information right on the company & sub-company records.

Here's how:

  1. Go to the Company Record of your choosing

  2. Click the Events tab

  3. All event information related to this company is listed (including CEU's & Attendance!)

What else do I need to know?

  • The default Filter will be set to Member & Children, which will include any event information for individual members of the company and the company itself

  • You are able to filter based on Cancellations and Date

  • Downloading as a PDF, Excel document, & Printing are available options

  • As an added bonus, this information also shows up in the member's Timeline

Updates to the Redirect Section (previously called 301 Redirects)

Generally, redirecting is great for updating old links to new ones, and shortening links that are too long. With this in mind, we've added two new capabilities (and renamed this section to "Redirects"):

  1. You already had the option to do Permanent (301) Redirects, and now you have the ability to add Temporary (302) Redirects too!

  2. Redirects also now have the capability to be used for PDF, PHP, and HTML links.

By clicking Static Content on the left menu on the backend of Novi, you will reveal options - one of which is Redirects.

Click the Add Redirect button (top right)

Then a new window will open, where you can add your links like before, only now you will see the Redirect Type options. Be sure to hover over the AE Tip if you are not sure which one to select!

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