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Spice Up Your Workflow! *NEW* Email Notifications for Event Registrations & MailChimp Merge Fields!
Spice Up Your Workflow! *NEW* Email Notifications for Event Registrations & MailChimp Merge Fields!

January 2021 - In sprint 133, we released 8 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • Email Notifications for New Event Registrations - For those unique events when you need follow-up on tasks once an attendee registers or simplify event tracking among multiple collaborators.

  • Merge Fields in MailChimp - Hey all you MailChimp pros... this update allows you to set up all types of merge fields on your Novi Audience in MailChimp without breaking your sync.

Educate Article of the Week: Non-Renew and Credit

As drop season is upon many of our customers, check out this week's featured article complete with a *NEW* video tutorial of how to Non-Renew & Credit!

Event Registration Email Notifications

Have a unique event with registrations that require follow-up tasks? Or events with multiple collaborators who need to know who is attending? This event feature update could be the perfect addition to your workflow!

While best practice will be to regularly review the Attendee List in Novi, this option is available for unique situations to help ensure event registration follow-up tasks aren't missed! Add your Trade Show exhibitors to the floor-plan immediately after they register, assign tee times to golf tournament foursomes, even keep your committee chairs in the loop.

Ready to set this up? Here's how:

  1. Head over to the Settings tab in your Event

  2. At the top, type any emails you want to include under Send New Registration Notifications To & click Save

Fun fact: You can add staff emails AND member emails here!

When a registration is completed from the frontend or backend, each email entered will receive a notification to their inbox that includes purchaser and attendee information.

Add Merge Fields in MailChimp Without Disrupting the Novi Sync

While previously custom merge field additions would break the sync between MailChimp and Novi, now ALL types of merge fields can be set up on your Novi Audience in MailChimp.

The additional field information will need to be manually added or imported to MailChimp, as any information other than Name and Email will not sync over from Novi.

Recommended best practice to keep your audience data clean and accurate...

Be sure as you make updates in Novi to also visit MailChimp to make matching updates in your Novi AMS Audience.

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