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Faster Batch Printing, Partially Paid Invoice Search ...PLUS an exciting announcement about your Member Directory!
Faster Batch Printing, Partially Paid Invoice Search ...PLUS an exciting announcement about your Member Directory!

February 2021 - In sprints 134 & 135, we released 32 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • Faster Batch Printing Transactions: Batch printing just got even smoother with added messaging during the batch printing process, helping to prevent time-outs!

  • Search for Partially Paid Invoices: An additional filter has been added to your Transactions page making it easier to find partially paid invoices and collect your outstanding revenue!

  • Improvements to the Membership Information Fields: Your member information fields got a little facelift, including alerts when changing member status, dues balance at-a-glance, and the ability to non-renew & credit.

  • New Leadership Role Visibility Settings: Protect your board and committee members’ contact information!

Upcoming Roundtables/Demos

Your Member Directory is about to get a massive overhaul giving you more flexibility and more monetization opportunities! Non-dues revenue, here we come! Join us to learn about the new functionality and features to Member Directories. Learn how to set it up, monetize it, and get the most for your members.

  • Reports Tips and Tricks | March 3 at 2:00 pm EST During this roundtable, we'll share tips and best practices on building reports, plus highlight some of the new Membership reports recently released!

  • Missed a roundtable? Get caught up here!

Batch Printing Transactions Now Easier than Ever Before!

Batch actions are one of the great time savers in Novi and we've made updates to the batch action Print Transactions for a smoother, faster process.

From your Accounting > Transactions list in Novi, you can now select to print up to 150 transactions at one time!

When you make your selection of transactions and click Batch Action > Print Transactions, a notice will appear about:

  • The number of transactions being printed

  • A reminder to keep your browser window open while the batch is processed for downloading to print.

These updates work to prevent time-outs, making the process a breeze for you each time you need to print multiple transactions at one time!

Did Someone Say Filter by Partially Paid Invoices?

Yes, you heard that right! We always want to make your detective work easy! To help with that, there is now an added Transaction Status filter for Partially Paid located in the Transactions section in Novi (Accounting > Transactions).

This filter shows invoices that have a remaining balance that is different than the total original amount that was owed.

Improvements to the Membership Information Section

Tracking and maintaining an accurate member status could be argued as the lifeblood of your organization, so we made an improvement to the process of editing this information!

Now, Current Membership Since & Membership Expires are locked fields, that can be edited by selecting the blue pencil to the right of each. When the blue pencil is selected, a warning will show:

Additionally, we added to the Renew Membership button:

Added functionality includes:

  • Dues Balance: If the member has an open dues balance, the dues amount owed will show here. Keep in mind that this only includes dues, and does not include other open balances for events, products, etc.

  • Non-Renew & Credit: Just like on an invoice itself, you have the option to Non-Renew & Credit any open dues invoices right from this button!

Note that these added options will only show for Current members, if you are on a record for any other Member Status, only the Renew Membership button will show.

New Options for Contact Info Visibility on Leadership Roles

As spammers get more creative and make life harder for everyone, we're here to make things easier! You can now choose from 3 different visibility options on Leadership Roles - 2 of which will hide your members' contact information from the public while still displaying the Leadership Role with basic info like name and title.

Note that this is separate from the page settings, which determine if the page itself is visible to the public.

Contact Info Visibility Options:

  • The default setting for contact info visibility on a Leadership Role is Public, which means non-logged-in users will be able to see contact information for the people/companies in the Leadership Role - if the page is also visible to the public.

If you do not want contact information to be visible to the public, you can use one of the other options to:

  • Only hide contact info from the public (by choosing Logged in Members With Benefits Only)

  • Hide contact info from everyone on the frontend (by choosing None)

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