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NEW! Create multiple online directories, qualify event attendees for certain tickets, add product invoice item descriptions & MORE!
NEW! Create multiple online directories, qualify event attendees for certain tickets, add product invoice item descriptions & MORE!

March 2021 - In Sprint 136, we released 31 updates.

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Abridged Version

  • New Member Directories - That's right, plural! Create multiple online directories with unique settings, powered now by your Novi Groups.

Upcoming Roundtables/Demos

  • Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online 101 | March 11 (Tomorrow) at 2:00 pm EST Our CEO and resident QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, Pete Zimek, will walk through daily accounting tasks in QuickBooks and explain how they interconnect with Novi. This class is geared towards beginners and those that want to "go back to the basics."

  • Using your Website as a Marketing Tool | April 7 at 2:00 pm EST During this roundtable, we'll share ideas and discuss ways to use your website as a marketing tool. We'll also show off some new Novi features you can use on your website!

  • Missed a roundtable? Get caught up here!

From Member Directory to Multiple Unique Directories!

That's right! You can now create unique, pre-filtered directories on your website - showcasing members within any of your Novi groups.

This not only gives you the ability to control settings and visibility separately for each directory, but also provides more static content sections to place informative text and/or ad space (more chances to monetize the directory!).

Key New Features Include:

Groups Now Power the Directories

This means instead of having just one directory, you can create as many unique directories as you want!

It’s Not Driven Just by Member Status
The Member Directory no longer has to be just for current members. If you have partners to showcase on your site who aren’t members, for example, you can now create a directory with unique URLs just for them.

Unique, pre-filtered directory pages that allow for custom content and monetization opportunities

Each filtered page within a directory can have its own unique URL, and its own custom content as shown below.

Added Setting to Show/Hide Contact Information to the Public

Only want logged-in members to be able to access contact information but still want to display your members to the public? Now you can!

New Options for Featured Listings - Logo/Headshot, Website, & Related Members/Staff

In your Association Settings, you can now provide more value with featured directory listings by choosing if logos/headshots, website URLs, and/or related members and staff show for all members in a directory, or just featured members.

Members can search in List View, Map View, and NOW...Category View!

Category view gives directory visitors a quick alphabetical view of all of the options in a "Set-of-Options" custom field - great for Areas of Expertise!

This is just the surface of this massive directory overhaul!

Restriction Levels for Ticket Eligibility

We've added a new level of limitations to make sure that not only are the purchasers qualified to purchase the ticket, but also the attendees the purchasers are registering!

When creating or editing an event ticket, once you select anything other than the "Open" Ability to Purchase option, Restriction Level will appear:

By default, Restrict Purchaser Only will be selected, meaning the ability to purchase the ticket is locked to the users selected in Restrict To, but they still have the ability to add anyone's name as the attendee on the ticket.

If you want to take it a step further, selecting Restrict Purchaser and Attendee, will ensure that the people they register also qualify for the ticket. For example, a current member would not be able to sign a non-member up at the member ticket rate.

Add Invoice Item Descriptions to Product Transactions!

Hooray! Just like in Quickbooks, your product transactions created in Novi can now include an Invoice Item Description.

To add an item description:

  1. Go to a product's Details

  2. Scroll down to Accounting

  3. Enter your Invoice Item Description

Once this is updated in Novi, it will display on the product's settings in QuickBooks too (and vice versa!).

NOTE: If you still aren't seeing a description on your product transactions, take a look at your invoice template in Quickbooks to make sure you've chosen to display the product description!

Unique URLs for Member Compass Sections

The customization capabilities of the Member Compass experience just got even BETTER! You can now directly link to specific tabs within the Member Compass which will allow you to do things like...

  • Link directly to the Pay Balance section to make it easy as pie for your members to find and pay their open invoices

  • Create an email campaign urging members to update their information by linking directly to their Profile

  • Send a link to the Login & Password section for someone who wants to know how to change their password

To do this, right-click on the tab you are wanting to link to and click Copy Link Address! Share away!

Did we get you thinking about all of the awesome things you can do with your Member Compass? Learn more about how to maximize the Member Compass experience from the second your members login!

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