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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
New Directory Profile Galleries, Updates to Managing Event Attendees, Manual CEU Tracking & more!
New Directory Profile Galleries, Updates to Managing Event Attendees, Manual CEU Tracking & more!

March 2021 - In sprint 137, we released 30 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • Directory Galleries - Your members (and you!) can embed videos & photos into their online profiles! Just another great opportunity for non-dues revenue!

  • Added Event Attendee List Reporting - Want to see a breakdown of attendees by company? Now you can plus new filters for unique attendees and the ability to download a list of private webinar links.

  • New Ways to Manage CEUs - Manually add CEUs to a member's record and categorize your CEU's based on the types you offer.

Have you set up your new directory?

As a reminder, on April 5th we will be retiring our former member directory code. Don't worry, you still have a little time to get this completed if you want to maintain a member directory on your website.

This new feature comes with the added benefits of:

  • Multiple directories each with its own visibility and settings

  • More member benefits and ways to monetize the directory for your organization

  • New custom content areas

Upcoming Roundtables/Demos

  • Using your Website as a Marketing Tool | April 7 at 2:00 pm EST During this roundtable, we'll share ideas and discuss ways to use your website as a marketing tool. We'll also show off some new Novi features you can use on your website!

  • Missed a roundtable? Get caught up here!

Embed Photos & Videos to Member Listings with New Directory Galleries!

Member profiles (both company & individual) now have the ability to have an added media carousel that will show up on online listings!

By default, these fields are automatically toggled off! However, when you are ready to bring in lots of added non-dues revenue, you can turn on Directory Galleries in your Member Fields in the Backend of your site.

Take a look at an example gallery we set up!

On the Member Listing:

On the Backend in Member Details when Editing:

*Members see a similar view when editing their gallery from their Member Compass profile.

Do all members have galleries as an option?

Galleries can be available for all (basic) listings, or you can make it just a featured listing benefit in your Association Settings.

Types of Media that can be added to the Gallery:

  • Photos

  • Youtube URL

  • Vimeo URL

  • Wistia URL

*Novi Tip: As you plan to add media galleries as an option for member directory listings, consider updating your Terms of Service, found at, to include a definition of appropriate media and rules of participation to post a Directory Gallery.

Reporting Enhancements to Event Attendee Lists!

If we learned anything in 2020, Event Attendee Lists are ever-changing, and the ease of filtering down to exactly what you are looking for is a must. Now, you have several new reporting features that will help with this!

Registration & Attendance Status Filters

  • Attendance Status: View who Attended, Did Not Attend, or those with an Unknown attendance record

  • Registration Status: View Active registrations or Cancelled registrations (the default setting will show Active only)

Plus, now you have added options when marking someone's attendance! Did someone sign on to your webinar at the beginning and leave after 5 minutes?

You now have the ability to switch an attendee between Attended, Did not Attend, and a neutral state if this information needs to be updated.

Export Private Webinar Links

When exporting event attendee lists, Private Webinar Links are now included!

Exporting with this added feature allows you to do things like:

  • Create a mail merge including the links to all attendees

  • An at-a-glance look at all of the webinar links the morning of your event to quickly get individuals their links if they can't find their confirmation email

New Views for Event Attendees and their Companies!

Located on the right side of your main attendee list, you can now change the view using a dropdown list located on the far right side!

The New Attendee Views Include:

  • Registration Detail - This is the default view you are used to, where each registration is listed on a separate line. This means if the same person registered for multiple tickets they will be listed multiple times.

  • Unique Attendees - This view will list each attendee once, even if they registered for multiple tickets. Check out the Attendee List View article for more information on what qualifies an attendee as "unique."

  • Companies - If you'd like to see a list of which companies have staff member(s) registered for an event, this view will show each company once, even if they have multiple staff signed up.

Explore more details about the Attendee List Views and get a refresher on Navigating the Event Attendee List!

Overview Totals

In the top right of each of your event landing pages, you will see enhanced overview totals for accurate at-a-glance numbers when someone asks about the status of an event!

  • Tickets Sold - The number of tickets (not seats) sold so far for this event.

  • Attendees - This is the number of unique attendees, which means a person who registered under multiple tickets will only be counted once.

  • Companies - This is the number of unique companies that have staff registered for the event.

  • Capacity - This number is determined by the "Capacity (Number of Seats)" field on the Settings tab of the event. Once the capacity is reached, the event will show as "Sold Out" on the frontend event page.

Ability to See a Registrant's Grandparent Company

There is now an added option in the Gear Icon to show an Attendee's Grandparent Company!

To show this column:

  • Click on the Gear Icon on the far right of your attendee list

  • Check the box next to Attendee - Grandparent Company

This is great for seeing who in a "family tree" has registered!

New ways to Manage CEUs!

Add Custom CEU Types

There are endless CEU Types that need to be tracked & reported on. Now, you can add as many different unique CEU Types (think of these as categories) as you would like, and add them to events & even manually enter them directly to a member's Activity Timeline (keep reading)!

Manually Enter CEUs to the Activity Timeline on a Member Record

Not all CEUs are related to your events, so we added the ability to manually add CEU credits to a member's record as an activity on their timeline!

Ready to dive in on all things new with CEUs?

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