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New Activity Timeline Report, Unique Directory Sort Order & CEUs on Event Attendee Lists!
New Activity Timeline Report, Unique Directory Sort Order & CEUs on Event Attendee Lists!

April 2021 - In sprint 138, we released 34 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • Activity Timeline Report - View, search, and export a list of members' activities, notes, tasks, and CEUs all in one place!

  • Individual Directory Sort Order - Sort Alphabetically or Randomly on a per-directory basis! The recent release of Directories allowed for unique settings and customizations and now the sort order can be unique among them as well.

  • CEUs on Event Attendee List - See not only who attended your event, but the CEUs they earned on your Event Attendee Lists!

Upcoming Roundtables/Demos

  • Using your Website as a Marketing Tool | April 7 (TODAY) at 2:00 pm EST During this roundtable, we'll share ideas and discuss ways to use your website as a marketing tool. We'll also show off some new Novi features you can use on your website!

  • Missed a roundtable? Get caught up here!

Activity Timeline Report

We introduced the Activity Timeline exactly one year ago today, and since then over 25,000 activities have been logged by your teams!

With all of this information, you needed to be able to view, search, and export a list of these activities. Introducing... the Activity Timeline Report!

The Activity Timeline Report allows you to do things like:

  • Search by subject, notes, and member name

  • Compile all of your notes in one place (for example, all notes for expired members that didn't renew)

  • Search for keywords like "Conference Speaker" to easily identify who has spoken at past events based on activities you've logged

  • Filter by Activity Types, who an activity was Assigned To and date range

  • Show you who created or last updated an activity or task

  • Delete and edit notes right from the report

Ready to jump in?

Head over to the Backend of your site > Reporting > Activity Report.

Individual Directory Sort Order

The recent release of Directories included the ability to create unique directories each with its own settings. We received some feedback that the sort order should be unique too (shout out to Chris Dean at the AAMD for kicking off this idea).

Now, instead of having to pick one universal sort order for all of your directories, you can pick on a per-directory basis. For example, you may want your Supplier Directory to randomly sort, but your Past Presidents Directory to sort alphabetically.

To update this setting:

  1. Select Directories under Members in the left navigation bar

  2. Click on the directory you are wanting to edit

  3. Scroll down to the Settings and choose your preferred Sort Order: Random (Recommended) or Alphabetical (Individuals sort alphabetically by last name, then first - Companies sort by their name)

  4. Save!

Note: Directories will default to your previous universal sort order. To make updates to these settings, use the steps listed above.

CEUs now on the Attendee Roster!

In case you missed our last release, we added the ability to add custom CEU Types. We decided to take these updates one step further, and now you can easily view your CEUs and CEU Types on the attendee list!

To view this information on the attendee list:

  1. Select the gear icon on the right side of the attendee list

  2. Check the box next to CEU & CEU Types

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