Abridged Version

  • Added security for User Accounts - New users now must confirm their emails, and if they have a parent company their emails will be validated against domains in their family tree.

Upcoming Roundtables/Demos

  • Retargeting and Feathr | May 5 (Today!) at 2:00 pm EST

    Join us to learn more about retargeting, the Feathr platform, and the opportunities to earn additional non-dues revenue.

  • Week of Novi Roundtables | May 24 - 28 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST each day Save the dates! Since we couldn't meet in person for Novi Summit this year, we're bringing you a Week of Novi Roundtables! That means a full week of opportunities for Novi customers to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another. Plus, we will be unveiling an exciting new opportunity to keep our customers more connected than ever! Details coming soon to your inbox.

  • Missed a roundtable? Get caught up here.

Are your in-person events making a comeback?

Check out these updates to Events that you may have missed to be sure you are getting the most out of Novi's capabilities!

Create Groups Based on Event Registrations

Now, you can create a group based on event registration status.

This means you can give access to post-event materials only to those who registered such as recordings of webinars and virtual events.

Creating the group is easy! Select the event(s) and the appropriate condition of Registered or Not Registered.

Note: This will pull attendees, not purchasers, and guest registrations will not be included because they are not linked to a member record. This condition pulls non-recurring events only.

Group & Report Balance Conditions

More group conditions? You read that right! Restrict members who have an open dues balance from purchasing tickets to your upcoming events with our new group balance conditions.

The available Member Field conditions related to balances include:

  • Open Balance: Refers to all open invoices for a member record, plus their sub-companies and staff.

  • Overdue Balance: Refers to all past-due invoices for a member record, plus their sub-companies and staff.

  • Open Dues Balance: Refers to the balance on open dues invoices created within Novi, for the member record only. It does not include invoices created in QuickBooks

  • Overdue Dues Balance: Refers to the balance on past-due membership dues invoices created within Novi, for the member record only. It does not include invoices created in QuickBooks.

As an added bonus, all of these conditions are also available when creating Custom Reports!

>> Learn More About Viewing a List of Members with Open or Overdue Balances

New Updates to Keep Your Data Clean

Custom Fields & Products can now be deactivated to help in keeping historical data, and can be activated in case you accidentally delete (aka Foolproof)!

Previously - the only way to remove anything from all those admin side lists was to delete it. Now, you can deactivate it to remove it from the admin side while keeping all the history.

>> Creating Custom Fields in Novi

>> Creating a New Product in Novi

Site Security: User Accounts

At Novi, we have countless security measures in place so that you don't have to worry about bad actors trying to get to your member information. We've added on to these measures when new users sign up.

For all signups, users will be asked to confirm their accounts via an email and code (or link). This will officially activate their account.

If someone is signing up as an inheriting member of a company...

Novi will now check their email domain against existing verified email domains in the company family tree if applicable.

  • If the domain matches, they will appear in the recent signups list as cleared just as new inheriting users did previously.

  • If the domain does not match, the new member is still able to create their account and password but will be placed in a Pending status. From here, the admin will need to approve the new user signup for them to begin receiving benefits.

When a user is updating their email in the Member Compass, they will also be asked to confirm their new email.


We highly recommend maintaining these security settings against bad actors and fake accounts, but they can be turned off by request.

Be sure to update any resources that you have created to show your members how to create a user account to include these new updates!

>> Learn more about User Account Email Verification

>> Novi's Data Security

Quick Updates

  • Directory Special Offers are now available on basic and featured directory profiles. To update this, head over to your Association Settings.

  • Stay organized! Your directories now have their own folder in your Website Navigation so that you can easily find them when adding to your navigation.

  • When creating a directory, the URL Prefix will now auto-populate based on the directory name & valid URL rules so that there is consistency.

  • When posting a blog article, the image will now be selected by looking at the following:

    • First - The featured image from the article itself

    • Second - The featured image from the article’s category

    • Last - The default featured image for blogs from association settings

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