New API Enhancements, Status Page, Novi Summit, and More!

August 2021 | In Sprints 141-146, we released 180 updates. Here's what you need to know.

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Abridged Version

  • Uptime & Status - We're very proud of our historical uptime (99.99%), and now there is a way for you to see Novi's uptime status yourself!

Upcoming Roundtables/Demos

  • Getting Ready for Renewals | August 18th at 2:00 pm EST
    It's getting close to renewal time for many of our clients who use calendar renewal dates. This is a great chance to get a general refresher on those little details you may forget when updating your dues rules and renewals.

  • Events Best Practices | Date TBD at 2:00 pm EST
    At this roundtable, we'll chat about Events Best Practices. What are some tips you can share from your experiences planning, promoting, and hosting events?

  • Missed a roundtable? Get caught up here!

Save the date to join us for Novi Summit, our annual user conference.

February 7 - 9 at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Tampa, FL!

Early bird registration will open on August 11, 2021. Space is limited and we do expect to sell out. More Novi Summit Details This Way!

Major Enhancements to the Novi API

Over the past several months, our engineers have been hard at work upgrading Novi's API capabilities. Previously, while our API was robust, it was read-only. With these new updates, Novi can also receive data and updates into our system. This opens up a whole new world for customers utilizing other software and wanting to push updates into Novi.

In layman's terms... This enables third-party developers to build two-way syncs with Novi and other software platforms.

Quick Lesson: What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Still scratching your head? These "interfaces" are what allow us to communicate with other software providers and vice versa.

Here are some of the highlights from this massive overhaul:

Member Records

  • Create and update members in Novi through the API


  • Create attendees & tickets in an application like Cvent, and have them display in Novi to allow for engagement tracking & CEU tracking

  • Display event categories on 3rd party sites

Activity Timeline

  • Log activities from 3rd party applications into the Novi Activity Timelines on your member records


  • Create and update product orders

SSO Updates

  • Customers with multiple Novi instances can now use one login to allow their members and admins to log in to multiple sites. Not using Novi for your foundation? Give us a shout!

  • This work also sets us up for SSO using Okta or Office 365. If you're interested in exploring those possibilities, reach out to us.

Wanting to explore more about Novi's API capabilities? Get started with the Novi API

Novi's Uptime & Status

We know nothing can be quite as frustrating as a system being down while you are trying to work. We're very proud of our historical uptime (99.99%) and we make every effort to ensure the platform remains available to you and your members.

Now, we have a Status Page you can visit to view our historical uptime, & subscribe to updates when there is any planned maintenance, unplanned issues, or downtime out of our control.

Quick Updates

  • Direct links to the Member Compass tabs allow you to provide a seamless experience for member account management. You can now link directly to a specific field in the user's Profile! Learn more about these kinds of capabilities within the Member Compass.

  • If you allow non-members to create accounts, they can now add their company to the account creation process if it doesn't already exist in the backend. This will make sure you are able to collect this important information from Non-Members.

  • Do you manage more than one Novi site? Now, there is a quick way to double-check yourself and make sure you are doing work in the right place!

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