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The NAA Click & Lease platform is a comprehensive leasing solution widely used by NAA affiliate members.

NAA has created a branded script for its affiliates using Novi that can be easily and quickly embedded into a Novi CMS page. This keeps your Click & Lease information up-to-date automatically, without any manual updates!

Follow along below to set this up on your website.

Step 1: Create A Page

First, create a new page on your website where you'll embed this code. If you are using an existing page, skip to Step 2.

Optional step - If you'd like to add this new page (or you are using an existing page) to your main website navigation, check out our Updating Your Website Navigation article, which includes a short video on the steps.

Step 2: Embed the NAA Code Into Your Page

Next, you'll want to embed the NAA Click & Lease code into your new page.

  • Navigate to your page while logged in as an admin and click "Active" on the Page Editor.

  • Click into the CMS region.

  • When the editor toolbar appears, click Insert, then Media.

  • In the "Insert/Edit Media" box that opens, select the Embed tab.

  • Copy the following code:

<script src=https://ionfiles.scribblecdn.net/scripts/ionizer-1.3.min.js data-ion-embed-hash="eyJ1cmwiOiIvL2xlYXNlLm5hYWhxLm9yZy8/X2lvbl90YXJnZXQ9ZW1iZWQtMS4wIiwiaWQiOiJfaW9uX2lvbml6ZXJfMTYyMzE3MDE2NjQ3MyIsImFwcGVuZFF1ZXJ5IjpmYWxzZX0="></script>
  • Paste the code that you've just copied into the "Paste your embed code below:" field in Novi.

  • Click the blue Save button to close the modal.

  • In the main CMS region, click the green Save button (or go to File > Save on the toolbar).

Note: You likely will not see the embed rendering on the page at this point in time. This is normal and expected. See step 3 below to complete the process.

Step 3: Reach out to Novi

Once you've completed your embed steps above, contact Novi via the Intercom icon on the admin side of your website.

Let us know that you've embedded this code and provide the specific URL of the page on your website.

We will "lock" the page down so that the embed code may remain untouched in the editor, and render the content as NAA updates it.

Note: Locking the page's content means that all content in the main CMS region on that particular page will be un-editable while locked. This is necessary to ensure that the code continues to render properly. Should you need to make edits, reach back out to us via Intercom.

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