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New Zapier Integration, Batch print all open dues at once and more!
New Zapier Integration, Batch print all open dues at once and more!

November 2021 Release Notes

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Big Feature Updates

Quick Wins!

  • Users have the ability to create company records while creating their accounts.

    • This is an update to a previous workflow that limited our customers who had only company member types.

  • We removed the placeholder text on group conditions for ease of use. Trust us... you're going to really like this one.

  • More visibility into custom field names in the audit log.

  • The County field name has been updated to County/Parish. No more confusing this with the countries field!

  • The member-to-member contact form settings have been moved to Association Settings.

    • Bonus! You can now also "Save" and continue in Association Settings without having to save and close.

  • You can now see your products' accounts and classes on the product list view. This will make it easy to quickly scan for accounting errors.

  • Individuals can now be added to order confirmation emails even if their company is the purchaser.

Upcoming Roundtables/Demos

Big Updates

Zapier Integration

Zapier lets you connect your Novi instance with thousands of popular apps. The result is automation of repetitive tasks between two or more apps—no code necessary.

While this is a more advanced feature, should you need setup guidance, Zapier has a robust help center that includes a directory of Zapier experts.

Check out our help article for sample use cases and more detail on this addition.

Search Member and Event Attendee Records by Custom Field Data

You now have the ability to choose a custom field that can be used to search both member and event attendee data. In an effort to maintain the performance of the Member and Attendee List and keep your search results clean, this search functionality is limited to one custom field.

Assign Multiple Emails to Receive the Daily Digest

The Daily Digest is an email summary of activities that need your attention. It's automatically generated and sent to the recipients listed for your organization. You can now add multiple email addresses to receive these updates by adding them in Association Settings.

Batch print or send all open dues invoices at once

Membership teams and accounting... this one is for you! Print and send your open dues invoices in one fell swoop! Previously you would have to do this in smaller batches. This update will drastically help you speed up this process and maybe save your sanity a little bit too.

As a bonus, this applies not only to dues invoices but to all transactions as well!

>> Related Help Article

Print Invoices and other Transactions in the order you have them sorted.

This newest update allows you to filter and sort your main transactions page and then print them in that same order. This avoids you having to reorder them by hand for mailing.

We had a lot of requests for this one, so thank you all for your feedback! Learn more about printing transactions in Novi.

Better handling and more details surrounding failed credit card charges

If auto-payment fails while attempting to pay a dues invoice, we will only attempt to charge the card once and the customer will receive one email notification about the failed payment. At that point, they have an open dues invoice that they can pay at any time the same way all other dues invoices can be paid.

In addition to the above, we received requests to add more details to the admin about the payment method and the above-mentioned failure so your team isn't confused as to why the payment didn't go through.

  1. Individual dues invoices will show the status of auto-payment as to whether it's scheduled (shown below), to be scheduled once sent, paid, or failed.

  2. The status of the auto-payment will be displayed on the Details tab of the member record.

  3. Admins will also receive notice of auto-pay failures via the daily digest emails.

Lastly, we've updated the verbiage when sending out dues invoices to include the auto-pay option.

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