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Featured Directory listings, Improved QuickBooks Sync and more!
Featured Directory listings, Improved QuickBooks Sync and more!

Release notes from March 8, 2017

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'Featured Member' directory listings

Looking to add some non-traditional revenue? Your members can now take advantage of becoming a "Featured Member" in the membership directory, placing them at the top of member directory. And you can now take advantage of charging a premium for this placement.

One major thing to note, this new feature also resulted in some changes to the member directory as a whole. Previously members were listed in alphabetical order. Now, the entire member directory will now be loaded at random to achieve fairness of placement for all your members.

Ready to get started? Find a detailed review of how this section works in this article.

Converting Company records to People/Individual Records and vice versa 

From time to time, company records end up as people records and vice versa. You used to have to reach out to the Novi AMS team to get this resolved. You can now resolve this on your own!  The button is located on a member record's settings tab.

MailChimp subscribers that are no longer associated with any Novi group are removed from the Novi AMS list

This comes along as part of our recent MailChimp update. If a subscriber is no longer a part of a Novi group, we will remove them from your Novi AMS master list. This will keep your mailing lists clean and updated. Note, this does not remove them or their details from Novi. You will still have access to this data.

(We'd be remiss to not give a shout out to our friends at AOBA for their help on the MailChimp improvements!)

"Company Title" relabeled as "Job Title" in a member record

We heard there was some member confusion on what 'Company Title' really meant on their member record. So, to correct this, we changed this field to 'Job Title.'

Novi Admin settings split out from Association Admin settings

In short, some required fields in Novi's admin settings, were resulting in association admins not being able to save their association settings. We've split these two out so this does not occur in the future.

Customize Your Member Fields

Associations can now decide which member fields they want displayed and/or required. This area can be accessed from the admin by going to Fields > Member Fields.

You can find a detailed review of how this section works in this article.

Management Access Change

If an individual moves from one company to another, any "roles" such as primary contact, billing contact and management access will be removed. This way admins can confirm if this individual still requires this role at the new company.

Tracking Scripts

We can now place tracking scripts on the front-end of your website for marketing services like retargeting. Ask a Novi representative to help you set this up. Please be ready with the tracking pixel you would like set-up.  Thanks BAAA for the idea!

Customer address in QuickBooks Online updates the record in Novi

Previously, an address change in QuickBooks did not update the address in Novi IF the record in Novi was set to inherit its address from the parent record. Moving forward, a record in Novi inheriting its parent's address that is updated in QuickBooks, automatically turn off inheritance on the Novi side & replace the address data with the data now present in QuickBooks.

Custom Field Update

Once a custom field is created, it can only be changed to a text field, but never from a text field to other types. This update makes sure that admins can't change the data type after data has been created resulting in reporting and groups being accidentally broken.

We squashed these bugs for you!

  • Credit Cards with CVV starting with zero not going through (reported by AAA, joint fix with QuickBooks)

  • Manual renewal doesn't prorate (reported by AAA)

  • Event list view and event comparison report miscalculated revenue field when multi-seat tickets were purchased (reported by AAA)

  • Sales receipt doesn't have customer address in cases where it's sourced from a child customer (reported by AAA)

  • Colons in friendly URL cause "dangerous path" error (reported by multiple customers, this was causing when trying to edit events)

  • Deletion of credit memo in Novi after it's been deleted in QuickBooks (reported by AAGO)

  • Copying a product overwrites association with older product in QuickBooks (reported by AAGO)


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