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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
Upgraded QuickBooks sync, Limited membership terms, New event workflows sneak peek, and more!
Upgraded QuickBooks sync, Limited membership terms, New event workflows sneak peek, and more!

March 2022 Release Notes

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Happy Spring and 2022! 🌸

We're so excited to show you what we've been working hard on over the last several months. The main focus has been a major overhaul to the event registration, creating new, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate registration paths for attendees!

Novi Summit attendees got a live sneak peek, but we've officially wrapped up our internal testing and have begun beta testing. (Thanks to our beta testers for helping this come to life!)

Not only are we upgrading the existing ticket-based registration paths, but we're also introducing the concept of attendee-based registration. Other new features include custom text areas within the registration process, RSVP verbiage for free events, more member field availability on tickets, and MUCH more!

Eager to learn about the new event registration workflows before their release?
Join us on April 14 at 2 PM Eastern for our Developer Demo Roundtable!

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek screenshot of what you can look forward to.

Upcoming Roundtables:

Big Feature Updates

Quick Wins!

  • Country option added to Group Conditions, allowing for more segmented communication with international members.

  • Static page settings now have the option to hide your website's entire header and/or footer. This is great for putting the spotlight on and marketing co-branded or special events!

  • Filter your attendee lists by Registration Type - This shows you if event registrations were purchased on the frontend of the website, placed by an admin, or synced from a connected app (via API).

    • You can also add a column with this info to the attendee list via the gear icon!

  • You should notice that your member changes save more quickly thanks to some work we've done under the hood. Woohoo!

  • Get ready to use more videos on your Novi sites. We added additional code to make sure your videos are responsive and look great on all screen sizes!

  • Custom field and member type-based directory filters are now multi-select, allowing for more tailored searches and opportunities to link to specific searches.

    • The only caveat is if a field is also driving the Category directory view. Each value in this field has the opportunity to have its own content on its specific page, providing you with more ways to bring in some ancillary revenue!

      GIF image showing multi-select directory filters

  • On that note, you can now customize the content region on the Category View Page in a Directory to have a different message than the List View Page.

    • These are two different experiences that could require two separate sets of instructions- you can now tailor your message to give different details.

  • Member Types with draft dues rules will be included in the daily digest email. Renewals will still run for other member types that don't have draft dues rules.

  • We increased the character count for Member Type names to allow for up to 50 characters.

  • On the Member Compass, custom fields are now displayed after basic contact information to create a more logical flow while filling out profile information.

  • Image caption text will automatically center when the image itself is centered.

  • We simplified 301 redirects to always display the current domain so you only have to add the path of the specific page.

Big Updates

QuickBooks Online Refactor Project

Can we get a quick shout-out to our dev team? They took a massive undertaking with refactoring nearly all our QuickBooks Online code resulting in:

  • Changes made in QuickBooks Online sync back to Novi in near real-time

  • Significantly faster sync times in general

  • Overall better & faster handling of customers showing in the Deleted Queue

The ability to sync this quickly was not available when we originally launched Novi. With the addition of webhooks to the QuickBooks API, we were able to complete this work and bring an even better experience to our two-way sync.

Member Type Renewal Limitation Settings

Sometimes it makes perfect sense to limit membership terms within certain member types, and possibly even limit which other member types members can renew into.

For example... maybe you have a Student membership, and after a few years, want those members to renew into a Professional membership.

Or perhaps you have a free membership that members can be in for a year, but then need to upgrade to a different member type.

We've got you covered with the new membership renewal limitation settings!

Found in the Renewal tab of each member type, easily set a limit on how many renewals are allowed per member in that member type, and/or which other member types they are limited to renew into!

*Note, "Limit # of renewals per member" will show by default. In order to see the "Limit renewals to certain member types" option, you must enable the "Allow members to change member type upon renewal" setting in the Membership tab of Association Settings first.

Batch Recalculate Dues Invoices

Not that this would ever happen to you ;) -- but let's say your dues ran and you forgot to update dues rules with your new rates for the next year. Oh no!

You can now make your updates and batch recalculate open dues invoices directly from the Transactions page! Oh yes!

  • On the Transactions page, check out the new option to Recalculate Invoices on the Batch Actions dropdown. This will permit you to recalculate all open dues invoices for the selected invoices on the page.

  • This can be applied to all open dues invoices or you can apply the filters on this page to help isolate a select group of open dues invoices that need to be recalculated.

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