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New Event Registration Coming Soon, Novi Summit's "You Decide the Future" Features, and more!
New Event Registration Coming Soon, Novi Summit's "You Decide the Future" Features, and more!

Early April Release Notes

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In case you missed it...

Coming very soon, users will have a brand new event registration experience!

Not only are we upgrading the existing ticket-based registration paths, but we're also introducing the concept of attendee-based registration. Other new features include custom text areas within the registration process, RSVP verbiage for free events, more member field availability on tickets, and MUCH more!

As beta testing comes to a close, these exciting updates are currently slated to be released on April 18 (may be subject to change). While no action will be needed for your current open events, your members will get to experience upgraded registration workflows as soon as released!

And of course, we recommend that you check out the new settings once they're released to see how you can utilize them for your future events!

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek screenshot of what you can look forward to.

Have you signed up for our Developer Demo Roundtable to learn about the new event registration workflows before their release? Join us on April 14 at 2 PM Eastern, spots are filling up quickly!

*The roundtable will be recorded and posted in the Help Center.

Upcoming Roundtables:

You Decided the Future!

At this year's Novi Summit we hosted our "You Decide the Future" session where you got to vote on the next few feature updates to get released. Get excited... those updates are here!

NEW - Organize Groups into Categories

Organize your Novi groups into meaningful categories that allow you to easily filter and sort through groups - a lifesaver if you have a large number! You'll find a new section under Members > Group Categories where you can create these categories. Then on any specific group, you'll be able to add it to a category.

Set Event Transaction & Due Date Rules via Event Categories

Specify transaction dates and due dates for event transactions, relative to the event's date! Set on the event category in Novi, this allows you more control over your event accounting.

For example, this update would allow you to set something like... invoices should be due 30 days after an event, no matter when an attendee registers!

Invoice Due Date

  • Standard Payment Term - This is the option you're used to seeing - If this particular event category should have its own payment terms outside of your default setting in QuickBooks, add that here.

  • (New!) Based on Event Date - if the invoice due date should be set based on a number of days before or after the event start date, enter that here.

(New!) Transaction Date

  • Date of Purchase - Use this if the transaction date should be the date of purchase.

  • Based on Event Date - Set the transaction date to a specific number of days before or after the event start date.

Quickly Access Recently Viewed Records

You now have a quick way to get back to your recently viewed records, allowing you to work more efficiently! This new section can be accessed at the top of any page on the backend of the website, and shows your 10 most recently viewed items on the backend... including:

  • Company records

  • Individual records

  • Events

  • Blog articles

  • Products

Quick Wins!

  • Event Sidebar Search Upgrade - You may have noticed an update to the Event sidebar menu when viewing or editing an event. Displaying upcoming events by default, use the search bar to find specific events, or apply a filter to see upcoming, past, or all events in the list.

  • New Look on Event Details Page - To advance functionality in the top section of event detail pages, we've removed the background map overlay. You'll now see a background color from your brand palette! Attendees can still view the event location on a map as we've made the address a hyperlink to Google Maps. (Note: This may vary on different website themes.)

  • Easily View Accounting Items & Classes for Event Tickets - For those of you in charge of event management and/or accounting, you can now see the QuickBooks Items and Classes right on an event's Tickets tab. These additional display columns are available under the gear icon (top right of the list).

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