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Introducing... New Event Registration Workflows and Other Event Updates!
Introducing... New Event Registration Workflows and Other Event Updates!

April 2022

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The moment we've all been waiting for... the new and improved event registration workflows are here! 🥳 *cue happy dance*

These new workflows turn the event registration process for every event into one of two easy-to-follow paths: Attendee Based or Ticket Based Registration, and also bring a variety of other exciting event updates... keep reading for the full details!

One important note: Your members will automatically experience these new workflows moving forward, so you don't need to take any action on your open events unless you want to! The event and ticket settings you set up prior to these updates still apply, and all current events are set to Ticket Based, which is an upgraded version of the path you're used to!

What's changed?

Attendee vs. Ticket Based Registration

The new concept of Attendee or Ticket Based Registration puts you in control over what the registration process looks like for your event(s).

Attendee Based:

  • In Attendee Based registration, users select all the attendees they're registering for the event, then fill out separate pages specific to each attendee to dial in the tickets and information for that person.

  • Think: Events where one attendee might need multiple tickets, like a conference with sessions

Ticket Based:

  • In Ticket Based registration, users select how many of each ticket they want to buy, then fill in attendee information for each of those tickets on a second page.

  • Think: Events where someone might be registering multiple attendees for a single ticket, like a basic webinar

Attendee Field Updates

  • We've split up the attendee field on tickets! Previously, name, phone, company, and email were grouped together. Now, these are four separate fields, so you can choose exactly what information to collect on a ticket, and what's required.

  • On that note, the attendee name will always be required in an Attendee Based setup. In Ticket Based, the Name field is required by default but can be changed to not required.

  • You'll also notice additional member field options for your tickets, so you can see and collect all the data you need for registrations in one place, including Mobile Phone, Shipping Address, & Job Title.

Registration Lockdown Options

  • We've added a new setting to Association Settings - “Allow Users To Register Other Staff for Events." This is on by default and allows users to choose others from their family tree in a dropdown to register. If turned off, they'll only ever see their own name in the dropdown, but can still enter guest names when applicable.

  • Speaking of guests... if no tickets are open to guest registrations, there won't be an option to register as a guest or add guest attendees.

    Additionally, when this scenario applies, users who aren't logged in are prompted to log in when navigating to the registration page!

Event Email Confirmations

  • Attendees now see more information in the event confirmation emails, including Company, Email Address, and Custom Field values, so they can confirm they submitted the correct information, and reference it whenever needed!

Other Event Updates

  • Add your own custom text to registration pages! From either the backend on the event's Settings tab or the frontend on the specific pages, add custom content to appear near the top of the attendee selection and registration selection pages. (Novi tip: Try not to make the content too long, so that the registration steps on the page don't get lost!)

  • Free events now use RSVP and Confirm verbiage, rather than prompting attendees to Checkout for a free registration.

  • Event registration URLs got a friendly update! Share easy-to-remember registration page links that follow this format:

...And that's a wrap for the new and improved event registration path updates! We're so excited for you to dive and check out these new updates on your upcoming events. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line in Intercom!

Missed the developer demo of these new updates? Catch the recording here!

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