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Customize Member Compass Message, Require Auto-Pay for Member Types, and more!
Customize Member Compass Message, Require Auto-Pay for Member Types, and more!

Early May 2022

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In case you missed it... in our last release, we introduced new and improved event registration workflows! Check out those release notes here for all the details.

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Member Compass Update

You can now customize content on the Member Compass dashboard per member type! Show specific messaging to members in specific member types as soon as they log in - a perfect place to share member benefits and links specific to certain member types.

To add this custom content for a member type, head to your Member Type Settings, then scroll down in the Details tab to Member Compass Details > Dashboard Content Override.

If custom content isn't entered in the Member Type settings, the default text displays. Admins can view and edit the default text in Association Settings > Membership.

Require Auto-Pay For Individual Member Types

We've added a setting for individual-based member types to require auto-pay on membership!

This allows you to require members to save a card on file when joining or paying renewal invoices - they must also keep a card on file to remain a current member.

You might consider this setting if you have individual-based memberships, (usually with lower dues amounts and/or people joining frequently) as it means you'll drastically cut down your time collecting on open membership invoices. (Who doesn't love getting time back?!)

Individuals are able to update their card on file, or opt themselves out of auto-pay at any time from their member compass. However, for member types with this setting enabled, they'd also be opting out of auto-renewal altogether.

Look for the new setting in the Renewal tab of an individual-based member type:

Novi Tip! Don't forget that you can add details to your member-type descriptions that appear on the Membership Information/Join page. To prevent questions from members, this would be a great place to mention that the member type requires a card on file.

Additional Updates

  • When creating a new member type, easily specify whether the member type is company or individual-based during the initial setup, rather than updating it in the Settings tab later!

  • For more third-party integration flexibility, we've included access to membership activities in the Novi API!

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