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Releases notes from March 27, 2017

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'Transactions' Table Fields

We've added several contact fields as options to the settings tab in Transactions. This will allow you to easily view your unpaid invoices (dues, events, etc) and see the contact information for that record. This should help speed up the collection process for your staff.

Image Mapping

You now have the ability to insert image maps into your editable CMS pages. Basically this allows you to hyperlink several areas of an image to different destinations vs. one hyperlink for an entire image. 

Still a little uncertain about how this works? Think of map of the United States. You can now place hyperlinks on various cities (locations) so that by clicking on those various cities it would direct you to page about that particular city.

As with the rest of your website, these image maps will be responsive.

Dues Invoice Display on the Member Compass

There was some confusion on the Member Compass as to whether or not dues invoices had been paid. We've made it extremely transparent as to exactly where a member's dues invoice stands.

Moving forward:
If an invoice is due, it will show the upcoming due date.

If it's overdue, it will show as overdue. If the individual has management access, they can click on the overdue section and it will bring up the invoice just as if they had clicked on it from the accounting tab.

If a member is current, it will show that their dues are renewed through 'X' date.

Parent Member Display Fields

Previously when individuals were creating their user accounts on the front-end, they were given one option titled 'parent member' with a description of what that field meant. They would then select their parent company from a list of members. 

We got some great feedback from our partners at BAAA and IREM16 on where the current functionality fell short for them, so we made the following changes:

Available Parent Member Types
You can now choose which records in the admin you want to display as an option for the parent record. The options are: Dues Paying Members only, Any Company record or and Customer (individual) record.

Parent Member Display Label
'Parent Member' may not resonate with the members of your association. You can now choose what label you want for this field.

Parent Member Description/Disclaimer
You may want to include a little more detail as to what information you are trying to collect here. Use the Parent Member Description/Disclaimer to give guidance to you members on what information they should put here.

(Pictured above: Screenshot of the parent display fields upon user account creation. If you want to make changes to your descriptions, please let a Novi admin know.)

MailChimp API improvements

We noticed that MailChimp's api was timing out when syncing large lists (4,000+). With some help from our friends over at MailChimp and AAA we found a resolution to select less data from them at any given time so it doesn't continue to time out mid-sync.

Novi Background Logging

We spend a bulk of our development time making changes and adding features to make our customer's lives better. But we logged a couple hours this sprint updating some of the background process so we weren't getting as much noise on our end. We suspect you don't want to hear the details, but for any techies out there, we'd be happy to provide you with a deeper description.

We hope you enjoy these updates and feature releases!

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