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Custom Messages on Event and Ecommerce Invoices, TBD Attendees for Event Registration, and more!
Custom Messages on Event and Ecommerce Invoices, TBD Attendees for Event Registration, and more!

July Release Notes

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In case you missed it... in our last release, we introduced Multi-Factor Authentication! Learn more here.

Limit Credit Card Payments Over A Certain Amount

You may be familiar with the Credit Card Payment Limit setting (in Association Settings), which previously allowed you to limit credit card payments on invoices over a certain amount in the system.

We heard your feedback on this setting and to provide more flexibility, made an update that applies the setting's logic to any credit card purchase on the frontend, not just payments on existing invoices.

"TBD" Attendees For Event Registration

Sometimes, users need to be able to purchase event tickets for others, but they may not know who exactly is going to use that ticket at the time of purchase.

To make registration easier, we've added the "I'm not sure who is coming yet" option! This choice allows users to proceed with their registration, while automatically naming the attendee as "TBD." This attendee is also treated as a unique attendee when it comes to unique attendee totals.

Please note that this option is only available when attendee names are not required for that particular event ticket.

Add Custom Messages to Ecommerce & Event Invoices

Dues invoices have always included the ability to add a custom message to the invoice. This might include a legal note, a remittance address, a short thank you note, etc.

We heard the need for this ability on ecommerce and event transactions as well, and this is now available through Association Settings!
Navigate to your Association Settings > Ecommerce or Events tab > edit your custom message and Save & Close. The message here will appear on your invoices from those respective sections.

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