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Set A Default Dues Payer, Allow Members to Remove Optional Dues Rules, and More!
Set A Default Dues Payer, Allow Members to Remove Optional Dues Rules, and More!

Late September Release Notes

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In this edition of Release Notes:

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NEW! Default Dues Payer: Allow a Parent or Grandparent Member to Pay for Child Member Dues

Typically, Novi assumes each member is responsible for their own dues.

Now, you can assign a different Default Dues Payer on the Member Type level or by individual member, allowing you to combine multiple members' dues on an invoice billed to their parent or grandparent.

Members who always pay dues on behalf of a "child" member can automatically be billed for this member. Similarly, if a member is responsible for multiple child or grandchild members’ dues, renewal charges for all of these members can now appear on one invoice.

Allow Members to Remove Optional Dues Rules

With a quick checkbox setting on a dues rule, members can now remove optional dues on their own when paying via a Smart Invoice! No need for the member to contact staff to remove something like a voluntary contribution from their invoice.

This feature is managed in the settings of each individual dues rule, allowing you to tailor the dues payment process as precisely as possible.

New Field in Member Type Settings: Display Name for Directories

Sometimes, it makes sense to split member types in a way that allows you to dial in settings differently, even though you technically consider it the same member type.

For example, you may do this because you offer quarterly billing, or offer complimentary membership to members.

That said, you may not want that member type name to be visible to anyone other than you and the member.

For that reason, we’ve added a new field on member types so you can decide what the display name will be in the frontend directories on your website.

  • For example, when users filter your directory list by member type or view the member profiles, should they see the more detailed name “Complimentary Member”, or just a simplified “AONW Member”? Most likely the latter, because you typically don’t need the public to know which members are complimentary.

This also allows you to label multiple member types with the same name. Doing so will change the directory filter and results so that all members from each of those member types are combined in the same list.

  • For example: Take two member types - “AONW Primary Member” and “AONW Secondary Member”. If you were to change their directory display names to “AONW Member," no one would see the words “Primary” or “Secondary” anywhere in the directory and the search results would include both member types.

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