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Get Alerts for Unsent Invoices, List Non-Member Staff on Company Directory Profiles, and More!
Get Alerts for Unsent Invoices, List Non-Member Staff on Company Directory Profiles, and More!

Mid-October Release Notes

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In this edition of Release Notes:

Directory Updates

Accounting Updates

Admin Updates

Event Updates

More Flexibility

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Include Non-Members on a Directory Profile Page’s Staff List

In the Edit Directory modal, you'll notice a new toggle appears when ‘Related People List’ is set to ON. This second toggle, 'Related People List - Member Benefits,' allows you to choose if non-member staff can appear in a company's directory listing.

If only ‘Related People List’ is toggled ON, all staff will be included on a company's directory listing, regardless of their membership status. However, if ‘Related People List - Member Benefits’ is also ON, that particular directory will only feature staff with member benefits.

NOTE: Whether staff people are shown as individual records in a directory is still handled by the admin during the creation of the directory's corresponding group.

Display Custom Fields in Specific Directories

Get ready for more specialized directories! You can now display unique custom fields across different directories.

Simply enter the Edit Directory modal, scroll down to ‘Custom Fields Shown on Profile Pages,’ and specify which custom fields should appear for that particular directory. This will only impact the specific directory you're editing.

NOTE: If you notice a custom field is missing from this list in the Edit Directory modal, double-check the custom field's Visibility settings. Under the field's Visibility details, 'Directory Profile Page' must be checked.

Receive Alerts for Invoices That Haven't Been Sent or Printed

Daily Digest recipients now receive alerts if open invoices haven't been sent or printed within a certain number of days.

Under Association Settings > QuickBooks, admins can schedule notifications for X amount of days after an invoice hasn't been sent.

  • By default, Novi will notify the association via the Daily Digest if an invoice hasn't been sent or printed in 3 days. The association can change that setting to any number between 1 and 30 days.

  • A number between 1-30 is required. The field cannot be left blank.

After the set amount of days pass, the association's Daily Digest will display this message:

The Daily Digest message includes a link to each association's Transactions Page, where admins can click the blue Invoices Not Sent or Printed filter button.

From there, admins can individually send or print the invoices or bulk send or print the invoices that haven't had this action previously taken.

NOTE: This Daily Digest message is only sent one time per invoice, if applicable. Invoices that are not sent or printed after this message is sent will not trigger the message again.

Easily View and Assign Remaining Seats on the Backend

For company members with a limited number of people inheriting benefits, we recently gave people with management access the ability to self-manage their seats directly from the Member Compass (announced here). This triggered another great idea - let's show admins a similar overview on the backend!

Admins can now see how many total “seats” a company member has and also how many of those seats are unassigned.

Create Event Tickets Without QuickBooks Items

To help you plan events far in advance, admins can create new tickets without mapping them to corresponding QuickBooks items. This only applies when an event is still Inactive and the tickets don't yet have a price. QuickBooks items are still required to set an event to Active.

More Flexibility

Small but mighty changes you don’t want to miss!

Set Member Compass as Default Homepage

For sites using Novi as a member portal, admins now have the option to set the Member Compass as their site's home page. If interested in this feature, please contact us through Intercom or at

Time Zones on Event Registration Pages

In our previous release, we updated the events list to display time zones. In this edition, we also added time zones to the registration page!

'Company Overview' Changed to 'Organization Overview' in Directories

Companies featured in member directories previously entered information about their business into a field called 'Company Overview.' This field is now named 'Organization Overview,' making the title more applicable to a broader set of members.

Inheriting Members Added to Membership Change Reports

In Membership Change Reports, Add Reports, and Drop Reports, you can now search by Dues Paying Members, Inheriting Members, or both. As a bonus, you can even search by Member Type!

Credit Memo Dates Match Invoices When Issuing Event Cancellations

When issuing event cancellations, credit memos once listed the day the memo was issued as a transaction date. This is still the case if the invoice transaction date is in the past. However, if the transaction date is in the future, the credit memo will now match that date!

Find Partial Matches in Search Results Across the Backend

Searching for members by partial or inexact names will return more results not just in the Member List, but in places on the backend such as:

  • Member List View in the Side Navigation Search

  • Group Members

  • Event Attendee List

  • Recent Signups

  • Member Engagement Report

  • Add Report

  • Drop Report

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