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Streamlined Account Creation Process, Track Net Revenue for Event Registrations, and More!
Streamlined Account Creation Process, Track Net Revenue for Event Registrations, and More!

Mid-November Release Notes

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Account Management Updates

Event Updates

More Flexibility

Improved Workflow for Creating New Accounts & Logging In

As part of our never-ending quest to save time for Novi users, we've optimized the account creation workflow for members (and anyone else who logs into your site)!

More specifically, we've reduced the number of steps required for visitors with an existing record in your database, but no user account.

If the system recognizes an email address entered on the Login page, Novi will automatically direct the visitor to the Create User Account page. On the Create User Account page, the system will also auto-populate the email address that was originally entered.

Updated Duplicate Detection Message During Account Creation

Since some Novi sites allow non-members to create accounts or permit expired members to log in and reinstate their membership, we’ve made our duplicate detection verbiage more inclusive.

When visitors with a potential existing record attempt to create a new account, instead of saying “We’ve found a member record that matches…” we simply say “We’ve found a record that matches…” This should prevent confusion for any users who are not currently members.

Gross Revenue & Net Revenue Added to Attendee List Columns

The Attendee List’s previous “Price Paid” column displayed ticket prices. However, after applying discounts or adjustments, that price could easily change.

To resolve this, we’ve substituted “Price Paid” with two new columns: “Gross Revenue” and “Net Revenue.” The latter shows the difference after discounts, offering a more accurate overview of ticket revenue!

View Events in Ascending Order in the Events Sidebar

To match the convenience of the full Events List view, events now sort in chronological order in the Event Sidebar!

Under Event Date, when the sort filter is set to ‘Upcoming’ (default) or ‘All,’ the sort order is ascending. This allows you to see upcoming events first, so there's no need to scroll to find your events happening this week, or this month.

Select ‘Past’ to see them in descending order (events that occurred yesterday, last week, and earlier).

Expanded HTML Formatting Options for Ticket Details

Event admins seeking more flexibility on Ticket Details... your wish has been granted! More formatting options are now available (including bold or italicized text, line breaks, and links), allowing for a cleaner look.

More Flexibility

Small but mighty changes you don’t want to miss!

Show Individuals' Addresses in the Member Directory Map View

Displaying individuals' addresses in the Member Directory was a recent release. Expanding upon that update, individual addresses can also be seen in a directory's map view!

Mark an Event as Virtual on the Frontend Event List

To help members distinguish between in-person and virtual meetings, a small laptop icon now appears on the frontend calendar next to events with online locations.

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