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Member Dashboard Views, New Options for Dues Rules and more!
Member Dashboard Views, New Options for Dues Rules and more!

Releases notes from April 6, 2017

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Member Dashboard View

In addition to a quick view of 'active' members, you can now see how many are expired, in their grace period and how many prospective members you have by reviewing your member dashboard. These same options have been added to your filter tab as well.

We also changed the open and past due invoice tabs to reflect open and past due dues invoices for faster reporting to other staff and board members.

As a reminder, this page is formatted and print-ready.

Adding Prospective Members to your Database

We're talking to you Membership folks! You can now add prospective members to your database without having to add a member since and member expires date. 

If you want to run a report with contact information, you can use the following parameters.

Optional Dues Rules 

Under member types > dues rules, you can now create optional dues rules. The dues rule set-up is still the same, but you can now toggle the optional field on. 

With this turned on, members registering from the front-end and admins viewing a dues invoice will see a little trash can icon next to the dues that will remove that line if wanted. As an added bonus, product add-ons are treated the same way.

Note: Optional dues rules can only be removed inside of Novi PRIOR to payment. If a payment has been received, you will need to adjust in QuickBooks.

Parent Address Changes Updated in QuickBooks

In Novi, if a child record was inheriting its parent record's address and the parent changed its address, that change is reflected on the child record in Novi. This new update now ensures that in the scenario above, the parent and child record is also updated in Quickbooks. Before, it was only updating the parent in Quickbooks. This feature will result in cleaner and consistent data from system to system.

This change also allows you to create dues rules based off the parent record's address, if needed.

Staging Site Emails now available to customers

We've added the ability to whitelist customer domain names so that as they are onboarding, they can receive and preview the emails from their staging sites. This reduces the friction of having to wait on a Novi admin to forward them these emails. Current clients can also use this to test and receive emails on their own staging sites as well.

This is an internal setting that a Novi admin can to set-up for you.

Canadian Addresses

Canadian postal codes can now be accepted in the Novi member database

Bugs we squashed:
AMS-4766: Event Comparison reports not showing correctly (reported by MMHA)
AMS-3536: Incomplete conditions on report dialog cause all conditions to be deleted.

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