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Customize your columns on backend list views, hide shipping details on pickup-only products, and more!
Customize your columns on backend list views, hide shipping details on pickup-only products, and more!

Early February 2023 Release Notes

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In this edition of Release Notes:

πŸ“‹ List View Updates

πŸ›οΈ Ecommerce Updates

πŸ“‹ List View Updates

Customize Your Columns on Backend List Views

The most requested feature in Novi history has arrived

With 43 supporters, this was our most highly requested feature ever! Well, to be more precise, not all of these supporters asked for the exact same update. Rather, across 43 requests, we noticed a clear pattern: the growing desire for customizable list views.

To address this need, using the gear icon on backend lists, admins can now display (or hide) a broad range of columns related to each page's unique information. This means you can finally see the Parent Company of a purchaser from your Orders List, or maybe view an individual's effective member type directly from your Members List.

Additionally, if you aren't savvy with reports quite yet, these new columns can help you construct detailed spreadsheets without custom reports.

With so many new options, we can't list every available column here. However, we encourage you to visit your backend list views and start experimenting! More specifically, these new options are available in the following areas (for now!):

  • Members List

  • Member Types

  • Recent Signups

  • Events List

  • Ecommerce Orders

NOTE: Backend list views are not intended to be a replacement for custom reports, since they don't have all of the same robust logic. However, not every spreadsheet requires elaborate conditions, which is when list views would be a good alternative!

πŸ›οΈ Ecommerce Updates

See Detailed Audit Log Entries for Subscriptions

Easily track when subscriptions start, renew, or end

To help you track important changes, we've added more details to each entry on your Subscriptions list. Each subscription now has a numerical value to serve as a unique identifier (sort of like an order number!).

You can search both your main Subscriptions list and your audit logs by subscription number, allowing you to easily find data about when subscriptions started, renewed, ended, or produced invoices.

Additionally, the audit log for each subscription is now easily accessible. Simply click the carrot in the far right Action column and select Audit Log.

Hide Shipping Details If Shipping Is Not Allowed

Enjoy product settings that automatically adapt to your fulfillment options

Previously, we introduced more Ecommerce fulfillment options in Association Settings. As part of these fulfillment options, admins can Allow Shipping, then specify shipping cost per pound.

To better adapt to your fulfillment preferences, the shipping weight field will no longer appear under a product's Details when Allow Shipping is unchecked in your Association Settings. If you don't ship products, there's no need to log a shipping weight!

Plus, we've improved the checkout experience for your members. If the product in their cart has no shipping option, the Deliver To section will no longer appear on the confirmation page or in confirmation emails.

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