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Build simple financial reports right from your Transactions tab, track progress on downloads, and more!
Build simple financial reports right from your Transactions tab, track progress on downloads, and more!

Early March 2023 Release Notes

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In this edition of Release Notes:

πŸ“‹ List View Updates

πŸ”‘ Admin Management Updates

Build Simple Reports with Customizable List View Columns

Columns are now flexible all across the backend!

We've extended fully customizable columns to even more list views, including the...

  • Transactions tab

  • Event attendee lists

  • Event ticket lists

  • Product Sales Report

  • Add & Drop Reports

...and more! This means you can create simple financial reports directly from your Transactions list, or easily export detailed attendee lists when working on events in the backend.

You can see a full list of all your column choices here. However, we encourage you to explore the options on your own site. See what new reports your team is capable of!

NOTE: As noted in our previous release notes, backend list views are not intended to be a replacement for custom reports, nor a replacement for QuickBooks reports. We hope you're eager to experiment with new Transaction list columns in Novi, but your most detailed financial reporting should still be reserved for QuickBooks.

Export Cleaner CSV Spreadsheets

Only include visible columns in your CSV downloads

Your time is valuable - even just a few extra seconds! As an add-on to list views, we're also adding an option to list exports that will allow you to export Visible Fields Only in most lists across the backend.

Using your new customizable columns, select the exact fields you'd like in your list view. From there, you can decide whether you want to export only those fields you've selected (Visible Fields Only) or all possible fields (All Fields).

Track the Progress of Ongoing Downloads

Check on your recent downloads from the new admin Alert Center

Want to know exactly when your PDF and CSV files are ready? Track your download progress using the admin Alert Center!

Next to the admin settings gear, you'll notice a new bell icon. Each time you download a file over 1,000 rows, an alert will appear next to this icon, indicated by a red circle.

Clicking the bell will reveal the Alert Center, where you can see your most recent downloads and their statuses. For example, files that aren't quite ready will have a "File Download Processing" message. When processing is done, you'll see the message "File Download Available" β€” so there's no need to guess when large spreadsheet exports are finished!

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