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Continuing Education Credits, Updates to Groups, Reports and more!
Continuing Education Credits, Updates to Groups, Reports and more!

Release notes from April 24, 2017

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CEU Tracking

Education personnel... we hope to make your day! Novi now has the ability to assign and track CEU credits. To start using this function:

  1. Go to edit/add ticket in any event

  2. Add the quantity of CEU credits for that particular ticket

  3. Fill out/edit the remaining ticket information as needed and save.

You can see what credits are assigned to that ticket type in the ticket grid and as an option on your events' list view. Your attendees can also see how many CEU credits are assigned to the ticket type on the registration page.

Once someone is registered and you mark them as attended, they will receive the associated CEU credits for that event. You can also view/print a pre-formatted attendance report and a CEU report as needed. The latter will give you a summation of earned CEU credits.

Note: This functionality IS retroactive, which means that you can go back to previous events and add the credit to the ticket types. Anyone who has been marked as attended will be granted those credits.

Groups Can Now Include Primary and Billing Contacts

Several associations requested the ability to set-up groups and have them sync the primary and billing contacts in addition to the member contact info. This allows you to pull a group of members and add their primary and/or billing contacts' emails and information without having to include other beneficiaries such as all staff members.

Member Directory Display Clean-up

We've made a few changes here:

  1. The member type drop-down will now only display member types that are included in the directory.

  2. If a member type is specifically excluded from the directory, then it will not show even to admins.

  3. Admins now have a warning message on the page describing any limited visibility so you know which types are not publicly visible.

  4. 'Quick Search' placeholder has been changed to display text based on your member types. For example, if your members are companies, the text will say Search Companies and Key Words. If your members are both companies and individuals, it will say "Search companies and individuals with Memberships". We've made it more clear as to what you are searching for.

  5. 'Related Contacts' tab will disappear on a member record, if no related contacts exist for that record. If no contacts exist, but there are related members, only the related contacts appear.

Product Order Filters

We've added a filter by 'Product Category' to the filters drop-down in Orders. This allows the staff fulfilling these order to filter down to only the products and categories they need to look at.

Company Name Locked Down on the Member Compass

We've locked down the ability to change a member company's name on their member compass in order to avoid some bad data issues and legal issues. If a member wants to edit their name, they will be directed to contact the association.

Product Pricing Change

Products that have the same price for both members and non-members will only display one price on the front-end so there is no confusion to your members.

Ability to Add Scripts or Mark-up to Pages Inside Head Tag

This has been added to the internal Novi settings. It allows us to dynamically insert mark-up for purposes such as displaying website banner ads or other third-party integrations. Contact your Novi representative with your information if you need this added.

Custom Reports Update

The default behavior when adding or editing a report is now "save and view" so that you can immediately view the results.

Email Confirmation Field for Tickets is Now Unlimited

We've opened the confirmation email information up to hold unlimited text. 

Assign Custom Payment Terms to Invoices Generated by Novi

This addition gives you more control over the payment terms for the invoices you generate inside Novi. We've made several updates including:

  1. You can now assign a default payment term to event categories and ecommerce invoices (via association settings > ecommerce)

  2. On a records default settings, you can now leave that field blanks and the default payment terms will apply for that record.

  3. When you are generating invoices, we've added a drop-down to change the payment terms per transaction. See below.

If no Custom Payment Terms are specified, then Novi invoices will use the Customer's default pay terms as set inside of the Customer record in Novi.

If no Customer Payment Terms are specified, then Novi invoices will use the "Preferred invoice terms" as set inside of the association's QuickBooks settings.

Handling of non-matching transactions between QuickBooks Online and Novi for "non-renew and credit."

Additional details have been added to the non-renew and credit modal if the transaction needs to be processed in QuickBooks. It will also let you know if an invoice is out of sync with Quickbooks, it will also direct you to do that.

Auto-renew disabled for "non-renew and credits"

Anytime you non-renew and and credit a member, the auto-renew button will switch to be off to be consistent with the non-member status.

Membership Approval Emails

There was some confusion from members on the approval emails that were being sent out. So, we no longer send out approval emails when a user account is created by an individual. We only send out approvals when the member company itself is approved.

Leadership Roles Update

Individuals who have been added to leadership roles (Board of Directors, Staff, Committees, etc) will show their full profile on any page that leadership role has been added, even if the featured member directory setting has been enabled. This change allows you to feature your leadership within the association, but limit that view in the member directory when the featured setting si turned on.

Bugs we squashed this sprint:

  • AMS-4795 - Fixed typos on "suggested donation."

  • AMS-4885 - TinyMCE won't allow insertion of arbitrary style sheets.

  • AMS-4673 - Customers wouldn't sync to QuickBooks until one was saved.

  • AMS-4541 - Customer transaction tab showed all transactions from all customers when filter was cleared. As an addition to this fix, we also added an extra filter to drill down to what types of transaction you want to see for that customer.

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