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Continuing Education Just Got a Facelift and New Features. Here's Everything You Need to Know.
Continuing Education Just Got a Facelift and New Features. Here's Everything You Need to Know.

Mid-April 2023 Release Notes

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Where are my education folks? This edition of release notes is for you! We're introducing our lineup of new Continuing Education capabilities.

Learn more about:

NOTE: We've replaced "CEUs" across our system with the broader terms "Continuing Education" and "Credits." You'll find this updated language in all the tabs and settings mentioned below.

Find & Email Course Instructors

There's a brand new section for Instructors under the Events menu! Here, you can easily manage Instructors so that they can be attached to credits.

We've made it super easy to add someone as an instructor. All you need to do is click "Add Instructor" and search for their name in the database. Additionally, if your continuing education certificates/reports must be signed, instructor signatures can be added to their profiles on the admin side or through the Member Compass.

Plus, we've added new Group and Report conditions so you can easily communicate with this important segment. Build a group and sync it with MailChimp or Constant Contact to send an email blast to all your instructors!

Assign Instructors to Specific Event Tickets

After identifying your instructors, you can start assigning them to specific event tickets.

We've created a more robust Continuing Education section on tickets, allowing you to select multiple instructors for a particular event/session. Listing instructors here determines who will appear on a member's Continuing Education Report and in Credit Details.

Ticket Details:

Education Report:

Quickly Award Credits to Members

From the attendee list

You can conveniently allocate credits directly from your attendee list! Simply mark the correct individuals as attended, which will award the corresponding credits to their member records.

On event attendee lists, you'll also find several new columns to capture these updated continuing education details. More specifically, you can add columns for Instructors, Credits Possible (how many a member can earn from the event), Credits Awarded (will match Credits Possible as the amount actually earned after being marked attended), and Credit Types.

From a member record

Not all credits are earned through events! If you need to manually allocate credits, you can add an Activity directly to a member record's timeline as usual.

You'll find that the Activity modal has an updated Credit button (formerly labeled CEU), as well as extended options like Credits Possible, Credits Awarded, and Instructors.

Keep Members Updated on Their Credit Count

Lead them to their Member Compass

We've added a new Continuing Education tab to the Member Compass, meaning members won't have to go digging into their events to find past credits!

They can pull a timeframe education report on total awarded credits in this new section, or view more details on a specific credit with the new Credit Details view.

Credit Details Example:

The information provided in both the Continuing Education Report and the Credit Details is based on your Association Settings, so make sure to read more about those settings below.

Use Bulk Actions to Quickly Print or Send Credits

Need to print or send multiple credits to a member, or to several members? Don't lose time on individual emails — let Novi queue the work for you with bulk actions!

On the Events tab of a member's record or the Attendees tab of a specific event, bulk actions have been updated with options to print or send credit(s).

For bulk action sending, the attendees will receive an email with a PDF containing their credit details.

For bulk action printing, admins will be notified when the PDF download is available in the alert center.

Customize Education Reports and Credit Details to Meet Industry Requirements

Depending on your industry and the credits you offer, you may need to include specific information on Continuing Education Reports or Credit Details. To accommodate all these requirements, you'll see a brand new Continuing Education tab in your Association Settings!

Your choices here will determine how Continuing Education Reports are formatted.

Decide if you want to display student or instructor addresses, signatures, credentials, and specific custom fields:

NOTE: Not all fields are applicable to both the full Education Report and specific Credit Details. For example, the Education Report will only show Instructor names.

Try testing out all the options yourself!

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