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Keep Stakeholders in the Loop with Non-Admin Report Access and more!
Keep Stakeholders in the Loop with Non-Admin Report Access and more!

Late April 2023 Release Notes

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Want to share your latest data with committees or board members? Now you can with non-admin report access!

Plus, learn how you can...

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Keep Stakeholders in the Loop with Non-Admin Report Access

Non-admin users can access up-to-date custom reports in their Member Compass!

Board members, committee members, and other frontend users can now seamlessly view and download the latest version of key custom reports from their Member Compass!

NOTE: Non-admin users can access custom reports so long as they have permission to do so. You can determine which users should have access (and grant that access) using Novi Groups.

Make Exported Reports Easy to Understand with Filter Details

Filters are defined at the top of Add Report, Drop Report, and Member List exports

PDFs exported from the Membership Add Report, Membership Drop Report, and Member List now clearly outline any filters applied at the top of the page. This helps viewers know exactly what data they are looking at!

Keep Tax Exemption Rules Simple

Set a default reason for tax-exempt members in Association Settings

Turning on tax exemption for a member in Novi requires a reason for that exemption. For most associations that reason rarely changes, so allow us to save you some clicks!

In the QuickBooks tab of your Association Settings, you can now set a default reason for tax exempt status. Any record that has tax exemption turned on will have this reason set by default (and it can still be changed if needed by admins).

Enjoy Faster Loading & Sync Times

We've strengthened several of our "under the hood" processes to improve performance

Not all of our features are easy to spot! Our developers work on behind-the-scenes updates every sprint. While these improvements aren't as flashy, they are critical to keeping Novi running smoothly.

Most recently, we've invested in more powerful tools to help us monitor (and respond to) performance troubles, including slow loading. Additionally, we've altered how Novi handles webhook issues, meaning syncs between your Novi site and its integrations more transparency.

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