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Updates to Ecommerce, Event Tickets and Prospective Members... oh my!
Updates to Ecommerce, Event Tickets and Prospective Members... oh my!

Release Notes from May 8th, 2017

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Email your members who have NOT registered for an event via MailChimp

If you are trying to market your event to anyone who has not yet registered, this is how you can set that up in MailChimp. 

We are working on an option for our Constant Contact users, so stay tuned.

Google's Double-Click for Publishers

In the last Release Notes we announced that we've added the ability to host web banners on your site and generate some non-dues revenue. 

Check out how you can add this option to your website.

Constant Contact API Integration Updates

We've rebuilt our integration with Constant Contact so that there is a much more robust synchronization for everyone utilizing this platform. All functionality and processes remain the same.

New Notification When An Online Order Has Been Placed

Similar to your 'Recent Sign-up' notification, your 'Orders' tab in Ecommerce will display a red alert icon to indicate that a new order has been placed. If multiple orders have been placed, the red icon will also display the open orders number.

We also changed the display for this page to default to your open orders. If there are no open orders, it will default to all order regardless of their status.

Bulk Order Status Change

If you want to change the status of several order at once, you can do so in Batch Action > Bulk Status Change

Notification for 'Non-Renew and Credit' Batch Action

On the transactions tab, when you use the batch action to 'non-renew and credit', you will now receive a warning message that you are about to non-renew and credit "X" number invoices. 

There was concern that you could accidentally select this option while meaning to choose one of the other batch action items so this addresses that concern.

Updates to Member Badge Design

Upon hovering over a member badge to view details, the email is now displayed in addition to the phone number. 

Renewing A Member Checks the 'Auto-Renew Membership' button

Previously when you renewed a member, you had to manually check the 'Auto-Renew Membership' button. This will now be done in tandem so that you don't have to remember to check the button each time.

Prospective Members Do Not Require Admin Approval

If you add a prospect to your database, you no longer have to "approve" their prospect status. Conversely, if you change that prospect to a member, it will change their status to pending approval so that if you are waiting on the collection of their dues invoice, they aren't receiving benefits in the interim.

For Events, Set Dates For Your Ticket Types to Appear

You've always been able to set a date range for a ticket type to be able to be purchased. Now control when you want that ticket to be visible on the front-end.

Under availability, select your date range and check on the option to be "Visible only within the registration window (below).

Of course, if you want the tickets to always be displayed, leave that box unchecked.

All-day events no longer show a start/end time on the event confirmation emails.

We received feedback that your members found this to be confusing. So we've removed start/end times on those emails.

"Set of Options" Custom Field Now Available to be Used within Dues Rules

We made a change that allows a set of options to be used in your dues rules equations allowing even more flexibility and functionality for dues equations.

Bugs we squashed:

  • AMS-4922 - Sales receipts & payments not displaying by default in transaction lists

  • AMS-4479 - Merging records when "account period has closed" can cause error if one has outstanding invoices from a closed period

  • AMS-4786 - Add member to groups fails when a blank record gets in the list

  • AMS-4866 - Clear Filter on transaction lists doesn't correct update values in filter drop down lists

  • AMS-4901 - Event ticket registration form custom fields are displaying in the wrong order

  • AMS-4938 - HTML editor was reformatting URL's

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