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Faster Attendee Registration, Default Billing Party and Additional Batch Actions
Faster Attendee Registration, Default Billing Party and Additional Batch Actions

Release notes from Sprint 37

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Turn your expired members to prospects with one batch action

For many of you who just went through a drop period, you have quite a few expired members sitting in your database. Change those expired members to prospects. From the 'Members' main page in Novi:

  • Click Filter

  • Select the expired members you want to convert to prospects

  • Select Batch actions and then convert to prospect

Note: Prospects in Novi are records in your database that have the potential to be converted into a dues-paying member.

Register your attendees even faster 

You can now add an event registration directly from the events homepage. On the right-side of the event, use the short-cut "register" button.

All your other favorite shortcuts are still there under the drop-down arrow (view front-end, copy event and delete). Also to note, recurring events do not have this shortcut option as they do not have tickets.

Customer-Vendor Records Conflict Resolution

Quickbooks doesn't allow for customers and vendors to have the same name (for good reason) but it was causing some conflicts within your Novi database when your members had the same name as a QuickBooks Online vendor. We've included  a fix that will update the conflicting QuickBooks Vendor name to "Name - Vendor" so this conflict does not occur and you don't have to make a manual change.

Internal Custom Field Values Hidden from Dues Invoicing

This one sounds pretty straight forward and that's because it is! If you create an internal custom field and use it for your dues rules, the value that's in the custom field will no longer show on your dues invoices. The title of the field will appear so your member knows what that line item is for.

Default Billable Party Added to Your Association Settings

Perhaps the billable party for an event registration or Ecommerce purchase typically falls to the parent company. Or maybe, for your association, individual members are responsible for payment. No matter how your members typically handle billing, you can now choose whether the default billable party is the (parent) company or the individual (user).

This change can be made in Association Settings > QuickBooks > Default Billable Party.

Note: The individual registering still can choose the other billing party option.

Bugs we squashed:

  • AMS-4893: New member signup doesn't prevent signups from duplicate company names

  • AMS-4925: Credit Card Charged multiple times when Novi can't create Sales Receipt in QuickBooks

  • AMS-4902: "Lose changes" warning showing up when it shouldn't leaving     customer record

  • AMS-5037: Hyperlinks not saving on images in content management areas     (Chrome version 58 problem)

  • AMS-4998: Entering a street address for credit card billing that is shorter than 2     characters or longer than 30 throws processing error

  • AMS-4997: Visiting event registration page with no event ID throws server issue     error instead of Not Found page

  • AMS-4996:Members not able to see all the Member Types they should in Member Directory (Released 5.11.17)

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