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Start Polishing Your Website with the Novi Content Editor 2.0
Start Polishing Your Website with the Novi Content Editor 2.0

Late May 2023 Release Notes

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Not an HTML expert? Not a problem! We've revamped our content editor to the latest version of TinyMCE, making it simpler than ever to beautify the frontend of your Novi site.

Some of you saw the sneak peak at Novi Summit, and the time has come to share the new and improved content editor! Build attractive pages without wrestling against stubborn accordions (yes, you read that right!) or hard-to-read source code.

Enjoy updated versions of the editing features you know and love - plus, drum roll, please... there's now a built-in spellchecker and accessibility checker! Start experimenting and see what you can design.

Plus, learn how you can...

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Review a Specific Record's Purchase History

The new Item Sales Detail Report, which allows you to view QuickBooks sales data and Novi member data simultaneously, has been extended to individual records!

Jump to a record's Accounting tab to see a particular person or company's QuickBooks sales history on the item detail level.

Thank Renewing Members for their Loyalty

Show your renewing members some love with automatic "Thank You" messages once they pay their renewal invoice!

For each member type, set up a payment confirmation email to acknowledge a member's successful renewal and express gratitude for their dedication.

Please note: This is not meant to be a receipt with payment details, rather a way for you to acknowledge a member's renewal and give them the information they need to know now that they've fully renewed.

Quickly Distinguish New and Renewing Dues Transactions

New and renewing members often require different treatment, especially when you're following up on open invoices.

We've added a new filter to your Transactions list, allowing you to view new and renewing dues invoices separately and address them accordingly!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These filters will only apply to dues invoices generated after the release. Any transactions from before 5/22/2023 will not show as new or renewal, but they can still be found in the Dues Invoice (All) filter. We hope you love the filter moving forward!

See Key Points in a Member's Journey

Has a member renewed automatically every year? Or have they dropped and rejoined several times? This can impact how you approach them, so it's essential to fully understand their journey!

In the Activity Timeline & Activity Timeline Report, you'll see three new filters to help you: "Membership: Key Dates," "Membership: Inheritance Changes," and "Membership: Seat Updates."

These help you narrow down critical points in a member's history, depending on if they hold their own membership or inherit benefits.

Give Members More Control Over Their Privacy

Individuals can now choose to hide their directory contact information right from the Member Compass Profile tab. That means fewer calls from members who need help managing their visibility!

On the flip side, if your members don't mind sharing more info, public directories can now display peoples' (shipping) addresses. This accommodates individuals who run a private practice or small business from their homes.

Get the Full Picture of a Member's Family Tree

By now, you've probably noticed the new Family Tree tab on each record. This section combines existing information about a record's related people and companies, providing a more comprehensive look at complex family units in one tab.

Easily Find Nameless QuickBooks Sales Receipts & Refunds

Based on valuable feedback from our Accounting Customer Task Force, we're allowing nameless sales receipts and refunds from QuickBooks to sync over into Novi.

These receipts and refunds will appear in your Transactions list with the name "No customer assigned," allowing you to catch them right away and assign them to the appropriate record.

Note: Novi will still require a customer when creating transactions directly in Novi. For your own records, best practice is still to connect a customer to all transactions. This update simply allows us to accommodate a change allowed by QuickBooks.

For more context, revisit our Task Force discussion.

Make Your Transactional Emails More Personal

Want to reference a member's rank, leadership role, or other custom information when sending welcome emails or smart renewals? Custom merge fields allow you to do just that!

This makes transactional emails feel more personalized and less, well... transactional.

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