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Early June 2023 Release Notes

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We're transforming our email settings to give you greater control over member communication.

By adding custom spam filters, you can ensure your members are protected from unwanted messages.

Plus, learn you how you can...

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Protect Members from Spam with Custom Filters

Need extra safeguards to defend members from unwanted messages?

By default, Novi blocks emails containing combinations of profane words/phrases or other unpleasant language from reaching you through your contact form, and members through directories.

However, you can now bulk up your defenses by adding custom words or phrases to your block list!

Find Members Who Recently Paid Invoices

We've demystified invoice statuses by adding two new columns to the Transactions list: Payment Dates and Final Payment Date. Pull this information to see exactly when members and guests paid off their invoices, even if they submitted multiple payments across several days.

That means no more sifting through separate invoice and payment entries to piece together a transaction's history!

Prevent Renewal Invoices Without Transaction Numbers

Auto-renewals will no longer run if you have Custom Transaction Number ON in QuickBooks. This is to prevent your association from inadvertently generating hundreds of invoices without corresponding numbers.

Plus, you'll be notified in your Daily Digest if auto-renewals were blocked for this reason!

Subprocessor Updates

We are also updating our Subprocessors list. These are the third-party tools that we use in order to provide you and your members with the Novi AMS experience.

We are adding Rocketlane, a project management and onboarding system. You can find information about the tasks our Subprocessors perform on our Novi AMS Platform Subprocessors list.

Optimized MailChimp Integration

We've also updated our integration with MailChimp! If your association uses MailChimp, you should notice speedier group syncs and a generally smoother experience.

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