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Track Down Unaffiliated Records, Uphold the Integrity of Your Credentials Field, and More!
Track Down Unaffiliated Records, Uphold the Integrity of Your Credentials Field, and More!

Mid-July 2023 Release Notes

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Parent company changes now appear on the Activity Timeline, making it easier to locate and clean up parentless members!

Plus, learn how you can...



This month, Google is officially retiring its Universal Analytics (UA), meaning you'll need to implement the newest version: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)!

If you haven't transitioned to GA4 yet, please take a moment to review our resources.

Track Parent Changes in the Member Timeline

Get the full picture of a member's history with Parent Changes on the Member Timeline.

This new activity type will automatically appear whenever a record's parent is updated (either from the Member Compass or on the backend). You can also add Parent Change activities manually to log an update that happened outside of the member's parent field actually being changed in Novi.

You'll be able to edit these timeline entries after they've been entered as well. If you found out about a member's parent change today, but it really happened 3 months ago, you can update the activity date to reflect reality.

Additionally, these changes will appear as entries on the Activity Timeline Report. This is especially useful for finding individuals who are no longer affiliated with any company. Follow up and find out where they're working now!

Prevent Frontend Changes to the Credentials Field

To help maintain data integrity when it comes to member credentials, we've expanded the visibility settings on the Credentials/Designations member field.

You can now prevent users from adjusting this field on the frontend entirely, or only after an initial value has been added. This means they'll need to contact an admin and verify they've earned a designation before displaying it or changing existing values on their profile.

This protects the reputability of any credentials associated with your organization — and ensures your members get the recognition they deserve!

Extend Seats to Grandchild Records of Large Organizations

Seat-based memberships can now flow member benefits down to grandchild people records! This means companies with complex family trees have the flexibility to assign seats to additional related people.

Previously, seats could only be given to the direct staff of a company. Now, by clicking "Show Related Contacts" on the People Family Tree sub-tab of a grandparent record, all applicable related individuals will show as being eligible to receive a seat.

In order for a person to qualify for a seat, they must not have their own individual membership, and their direct parent member must not be in a member type that also provides benefits to staff members.

For example:

  • "ABC Company" is a current member in a seat-based member type.

  • "ABC Company - Austin Location" is a non-member, and "ABC Company" is their parent organization.

  • Sarah works directly for the Austin location. She can now receive a seat from her grandparent, "ABC Company."

NOTE: This feature specifically applies to associations with seat-based company memberships. If you don't use seats, your member types can already extend benefits down to grandchildren via member type settings!

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