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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
Changes to adding member records, automatic contact downloads and more!
Changes to adding member records, automatic contact downloads and more!

Release notes from Sprints 38 & 39

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New Feature Releases

Changes to adding new members to your Novi database (Important!)

We've made vast improvements on the way Novi handles adding new members, prospects and dues-paying members to your database. Please take the time to review this article so you are aware of the changes. 

This new process was user-tested and improved upon by your peers and association staff to create a better process for all. Please let us know your feedback!

Automatically download member contact information to your address book

With just a few clicks, your members' contact information can be directly entered into your email contact list. 

Use Accordions to Streamline and Organize Your Content

They say that a website page has 3 seconds to catch a visitor's attention, so if you have pages with miles of text, chances are that it's just getting skimmed. Give your members a fresh, convenient and engaging user experience with Novi's newest CMS feature, Accordions!

Add PowerPoint presentations to your web pages

PowerPoint files (.ppt and .pptx) have been added as acceptable file formats to upload within the CMS regions. For a complete list of acceptable files, click here.

Access our online knowledge base directly through the app

In addition to visiting our knowledge base online at, you can also quickly get to helpful articles right inside the Novi app by clicking "help" in the top, right corner of your screen.

Smaller feature improvements

  • Deleted payment terms in QuickBooks Online will not be options to choose in your Novi admin.

  • Changing an attendee for an event registration will also change the confirmation email so that the wrong person doesn't get an email confirmation.

  • Non-dues paying members are now visible in the member directory according to your association settings. For more information about the member directory, read here.

  • If two customer records are merged, the losing customer's expiration date & member since date will be cleared.

  • If you recalculate an invoice that is dated prior to a "close books date," you will receive a clear error message telling you why you can't edit the invoice through Novi. Please contact your QuickBooks administrator to edit the invoice. Learn more about closed books and how it affects your Novi data.

Bugs we squashed:

  • AMS-5088 - Error generated when Novi tries to mark a transaction printed from closed books

  • AMS-5075 - All Sites: Member staging "expired" count is both active and deleted records 

  • AMS-5120 - Sync fails because of an inactive QuickBooks payment method or item

  • AMS-5110 - AOBA: homepage slider order changes not saving

  • AMS-5107 - AAA: Company name not printing on sales receipts

  • AMS-4974 - MMHA: When creating an order on the backend, forgetting to click Add on the product prevents the system from recognizing the product when you do go back and click Add

  • AMS-4991 - Payment terms dropdown on admin invoice generation is not reflecting payment terms hierarchy.

  • AMS-4856 - MMHA: Event comparison report is pulling incorrect data.

  • AMS-5074 - QuickBooks manual sync fails if default sales term is not set.

  • AMS-5091 - Event registration front end website page is showing multiple issues - due to payment terms work

  • AMS-5040 - Request limit should be smaller, is currently nearly a gig.

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