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Showcase featured items in a carousel, communicate major alerts to members, and more!
Showcase featured items in a carousel, communicate major alerts to members, and more!

Release notes from Sprint 40

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New Feature Releases

We've created a modern and sleek way for you to showcase multiple featured events and/or articles on your homepage. Members can click through these items and you can set the items to auto-advance. This article will explain more on how it works and how to set it up!

Alert your members to emergency information and other important details right from your homepage

Inclement weather, holiday office closures, last minute event cancelations, etc. need to be communicated quickly to your members. Alert members about these occurrences that may affect them or their business operations with the new alert bar! 

Dues-paying members can offer and advertise a "member to member" discount on their directory listing

Some members like to offer special discounts for other association members as a courtesy. Allow your members to advertise those discounts right on their member directory listing. As a bonus, a special filter is available on the member directory to easily search all members offering a discount.

Create callout boxes to highlight important content on a page. 

Visually highlight and separate content on your CMS pages with the new callout box feature. For information on how to format these boxes, read more information here.

Smaller Feature Improvements

  • A QuickBooks Online re-authentication previously needing to be done manually every 6 months, will now happen automatically.

  • The promo code box will not show for events and ecommerce products that don't have a promo codes associated with it.

  • The Novi team can now visually inspect all sites in seconds so that they can be proofed efficiently and completely, giving you top-of-the-line features!

Bugs we squashed:

  • AMS-5162 - If you have no "Person" member types setup, creating a new Person shows you more actions than it should.

  • AMS-5155 - Member profile pages that aren't allowed to be shown throw error instead of redirecting to directory page. (this was a search engine problem rather than a problem for users)

  • AMS-5119 - Login attempt with Facebook social login gives "Unable to login with provider" error.

  • AMS-5118 - Firefox sometimes blocks DoubleClick for Publishers ads.

  • AMS-5109 - If a free ticket is purchased with paid tickets, you cannot cancel the free ticket if needed.

  • AMS-5054 - Member manager tried to delete sub-customers (people) and changes didn't save in the Member Compass.

  • AMS-5038 - Areas of Expertise Report is generating an error message.

  • AMS-4978 - Cannot get a sample email to send in admin settings.

  • AMS-5151 - If a non-member is featured in leadership role, their profile page was broken by sprint 39. (Fix Released 6/19/2017)

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